Outrage Over Equine Abuse In Australia Prompts Call For National Horse Registry

by | 11.08.2019 | 3:07pm

The Australian Veterinary Association is requesting a national horse registry be established by the federal government as rapidly as possible. The group is also asking for better enforcement of animal welfare standards for horses that are sent to slaughterhouses.

This outcry for regulation is in response to footage shown by ABC of racehorses being mistreated in a slaughterhouse. The AVA is asking for a registry to protect all horses, not just racehorses. The organization also condemns the mass slaughter of horses.

The AVA adds that if slaughterhouses are necessary that they should be held to proper animal welfare standards to ensure the horses are treated properly and that no breaches of animal welfare occur.

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Read the AVA's Humane Slaughter policy here.


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