How Did He Get Up There? Horse Rescued From Hayloft

by | 10.19.2016 | 3:53pm
Photo courtesy of Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Some horses seem to have a knack for getting themselves into trouble. Just last month The Paulick Report detailed educational programs for emergency responders who find horses in pools, sinkholes, and ditches.  But horse people know to expect the unexpected, and the unexpected is exactly what one horse owner found when she and her family returned home to their Blue Ridge, VA farm recently to find one of their horses peering down at them from the hayloft.

Owner Carol Witt Pugh said that due to recent flooding, her three horses were not in their stalls. Pugh thinks that one of the horses, a 32-year-old mare they had recently taken in and were told could be bossy, got a bit too aggressive for her Palomino, Phoenix's liking. With nowhere else to go, Phoenix may have felt the best escape route was up the stairs and into the hayloft.

The Pugh's tried to get Phoenix to come back down the stairs, but he was reluctant and they were worried the steep angle would cause him to become injured if he stepped wrong. So, she posted on Facebook asking if anyone could help with her unique predicament.

Chief Doug Monaco with the Technical Large Animal Rescue Team at the Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company in Culpeper County offered to help.

Read more at The Roanoke Times.

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