New “Fitbit” Prototype May Be Gamechanger For Equine Athletes

by | 04.17.2019 | 4:27pm

A new wearable activity-tracking device for horses may be able to boost equine performance and welfare when in use. Created by Ben Metcalfe of the University of Bath, the EquiVi provides real-time measurements of a horse's vital signs over long periods of time and during exercise.

It's believed that the ability to track these signs could reduce the risk of injury and detect diseases at their onset. Vital signs that are monitored include temperature, heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and respiratory rate; the results are constantly and immediately available to owners, trainers, veterinarians and others with a vested interested in the horse's welfare.

Currently in prototype, the device has three sensors that are embedded into a package that can fit on a girth or halter; the sensors will transmit data wirelessly and the results will create a detailed profile of individual horses. It is hoped that the device will also allow racehorse trainers to have a deeper understanding of the relationship between performance and cardiovascular activity, allowing them to tailor training programs to help each horse.

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