Multiple Graded Stakes Winner Kid Cruz Bows Tendon, Retired To Breeder Machmer Hall

by | 03.19.2017 | 4:05pm
Kid Cruz wins the Excelsior

During Sunday's second race at Aqueduct, 6-year-old Kid Cruz was pulled up in the lane by jockey Cornelio Velasquez. The son of Lemon Drop Kid was vanned off, and back at the barn it was discovered that he had bowed the tendon in his left front leg, according to

Black Swan Stable's John Destefano, who owns Kid Cruz with Vina Del Mar Thoroughbreds, got in touch with Kid Cruz's breeder after the race. Carrie Brogden, of Kentucky's Machmer Hall, immediately agreed to bring the horse back to her farm in order to begin his retirement from racing. Destefano added that Kid Cruz would be gelded before making the trip, and that he hoped the horse could be retrained for a second career.

A claim had been dropped on Kiz Cruz for the $40,000 tag in Sunday's race by trainer Naipaul Chatterpaul, but when the horse was vanned off the trainer had the option to void the claim. The claim was voided.

Over the course of his racing career, Kid Cruz compiled a record of seven wins, five seconds and three thirds for earnings of $792,985. He was purchased for $80,000 at the Keeneland September Yearling sale by Black Swan Stable, and began his career with trainer Bill Mott. Claimed in his second start for $50,000 by Vina Del Mar Thoroughbreds, Kid Cruz moved to the barn of trainer Linda Rice. Black Swan eventually bought back into the horse, who would go on to win the G3 Excelsior Stakes, the G3 Dwyer Stakes, and an additional three listed stakes races.

  • Richard C

    The text of the final social media post in the story is the best example of doing the right thing…after the finish line.

  • Racing Fan

    Thank goodness he got home rather than joining Chatterpaul’s barn.

    • Chris Lowe

      i think we saw on the track why he was dropped to 40,000 claiming(2nd start for a tag since his 2013 maiden breaking win)He and the racing world were very fortunate today.

      • Erekose77

        Kid Cruz’s first graded stakes win was the 2014 Dwyer, in which he just caught his entrymate, Captain Serious. Coincidentally, Captain Serious ended his career in a similar manner. Three DNF efforts (including 2 van rides) out of his last 4 races. The last was an unceremonious drop down to a $25K claiming price, some bad steps, vanned off and a voided claim.

        • Craig Brogden

          We also contacted the owners of Captain Serious after his last start and Carrie found a great show hunter home for him in VA after he shipped to Machmer Hall.
          It is just one small thing that we can do for these horses who give so much to breeders, owners, gamblers and fans.

  • Mindy

    can’t believe he made it through all those starts, all those owners, intact

  • affirmed

    Great news that Kid Cruz will be returned to his farm where he was bred, for a second career in his retirement from racing! however I am asking a question to the owners, why now are you guys gelding Kid Cruz? I just wanted to know why? as when his bow tendons are healed, would you not want to breed him, and get babies from him? I dont know, but to some people it sounds like gelding is a second chance for him? if he was to become a show jumper or steeple chase race horse, then I say yes? but to retire and dont take any more part in racing, why not breed him to a great mare? instead of gelding him, and having him in the Farm like an ornament, or a useless hang around? well ..I think that some owners are selfish, and dont want anyone to get possible a classic Race Horse from some horses they breed, so instead they geld them, as not even the money they want.from sales from their offsprings.. . so terrible!! look at the Ramsay’s Horses, if you were to purchase a colt,. that they breed, they only sell gelded .. and the fillies they sell, is the only way anyone at times can get an offspring, as they apparently “cannot geld a filly, only thing they can do is nurture them, so that they cannot breed”! and probably, probably they might have a stipulation that if you purchase a Horse from them, then you cannot breed them? so I would not even buy a filly from them! to me thats selfish..leave the Testicles in Kid Cruz, and make some great babies, is my argument.are his owners gelded,do they have children? can anyone answer this question for me?

    • anne

      The market is over saturated with stallions whos offspring dont even bring the stud fee. The world does not need another stallion. Kudos for Machmer Hall for making the right decision. Much easier finding him a good home, or second career, as a gelding.

      • affirmed

        Thanks Anne, then again not all Horses can become great studs.. some are some are not.. eg.. Cigar!! good Luck to Kid Cruz, he wont be a Stud, just a Dud.

    • LindaK

      The is the most stupid (not to mention asinine) piece of rubbish I’ve ever heard. Period. What the heck is with you???? This horse is not breeding quality and as a gelding can be retrained for a second career. That is their intention. If you have not already procreated, I hope you’ll give it some consideration, as well!

      • affirmed

        Thanks, I was only implying why geld Kid Cruz? Even if he id not a great breeder by stock standards, cant they leave his testicles in when he is retired? I still maintain they should, what new life will Kid Cruz be engaged in, will he become a pony ? Let me know, and some owners really should be gelded as well , its a game of the gelded!

        • LindaK

          There are very few *careers* (new or old) for stallions. There are literally NONE as *ponies*. Precious few as show or eventing horses — and only then if they have breeding potential for future show or eventing horses. None as ranch or rodeo horses or trail horses or fox hunters. There is already a problem with unwanted horses — why do we need to breed more? To keep a horse a stallion requires specialized management that reduces their ability to find work outside the breeding shed. What the heck is your problem? Do you know anything at all about horses or do you have some weird compulsion to go around and show people how ignorant you are? You definitely don’t have the smarts to reproduce, that’s for sure!

          • affirmed

            Thanks for your input regarding My question on the retirement of Race Horse Kid Cruz, who will become gelded, while he continue his retirement . I am not thin skinned, and wont disrespect anyone through this medium, You have said what you have said..I was only asking a question, I do know about Race Horses, being an owner breeder , I have been in this game since 1966! Wont have to say more!! I leave a last question for anyone who can answer..”the great cigar, could not breed anything, so my question, is Cigar now Deceased? And did they cut his balls out when he was found out to be impotent? While he retired on a farm, so how does anyone knows if Kid Cruz could not be bred to a good mare? No one knows this, and I am not the only blogger on this topic that did ask this question and said they were surprised they are gelding Kid Cruz…I have raced geldings, and have had some horses gelded, different reasons, unruly as a colt, would not calm down, would not keep his mind on training, or Racing, and the gelding did help! I am not disrespecting anyone and would only want to have civilized conversations , however stupid my questions may be.

          • Craig Brogden

            As a G3 winner it would be difficult for Kid Cruz to attract mares at stud. Most stallions that retire currently need to either be G1 winners or perceived to be G1 quality from a brilliant performance at the racetrack. This is magnified even more under the current conditions where stallions breed 150 mares and sometimes 200 to 250. This has resulted in only needing 1 stallion where it used to take 2 or even 3 stallions to cover that many mares.
            If he had a career as a stallion he would have been sold as one before now.
            Gelding him gives him a chance as a show horse or whatever discipline the future owner decides to use him for.

          • affirmed

            Thanks Craig, well explained , I now fully understand the reasons why KID CRUZ is not a stallion, I am happy with your explanation, it finally clears up my thinking, about his stud career, he is just would not be a good stallion, so I agree, now so gelding him does make sense!! he has a full life ahead of him now, whatever they use him for at the breeding farm! I have a gelding that I uses to tease the Mares, to know when they are in Heat, so if I was Kid Cruz, and retired, then that is the job I would love the most.. take care Craig!!

    • LindleyPaxtonBarden

      PLEASE go to any of the horse (slaughter) auctions, and you MIGHT understand why every male horse should NOT be bred. Geldings can/will/do lead wonderful, successful second careers, and gelding is TRULY the best outcome for many retired race horses.
      Your comment sounds especially animated…could it be that you are equating gelding Kid Cruz with the “pain, humiliation, shame, etc.” that a MAN might experience under similar circumstances? I am a vet tech who believes in reducing the numbers of excess/unwanted animals in kill shelters and auctions; it is AMAZING how many men will not consider neutering their pets or livestock for this very reason.

  • SPA

    I’ve been following Kid Cruz for a long time, ever since Linda Rice claimed him. He’s such a tough horse. I sing the praises of Linda Rice all the time, I think she’s an excellent horseman and a tremendous business manager but I have to call her out on this. The horse was showing something was not right in his past few starts and since they paid $50,000 for him and he earned them over $700,000 they couldn’t find him a home and had to race him for 40?

    • Leonard Willschick

      Totally agree. Clearly the horse went bad last summer but Rice brought him back for more this year. Any takers for $40,000? They surely could have done better by this horse who had earned almost $800,000. The best part? A claim by Chatterpaul. Who does he think he is – Rudy? Jacobson?

  • whirlaway

    I am happy for Kid Cruz and that he was lucky his injury was not worse. Wishing him a happy life
    and future. I had been watching him and honestly had a concern he would continue dropping down in class and begin passing from owner to owner as so often happens when a stakes horse has reached this point. Thrilled for this horse to be spared that scenario.

  • LongTimeEconomist

    That link doesn’t work.

    • RayPaulick

      Thanks. Fixed.

  • ctgreyhound

    I’ve been a Kid Cruz fan for a long time, so when I saw that he was vanned off yesterday it was a concern. Thank goodness he is safe & soon to be sound. Machmer Hall’s policy makes sense, so much so that it almost sounds revolutionary. He was a good racer & validated his connections aspirations for him early on. He has seen better days of late & it sounds like his best days await him.

  • Mimi Hunter

    I am sorry to hear about his tendon, but they are really doing the right thing with him. I am a little pleasantly surprised that they are gelding him. The world has enough mediocre stallions floating around, and it seems from what I’ve read that many have worse records than his. Kudos for his connections – and I wish him all the best.

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