Man Charged With Animal Cruelty After Allegedly Riding Horse From South Carolina To Florida

by | 11.23.2016 | 5:51pm

A man has been charged with animal cruelty and violating an animal's health requirement after riding a horse of approximately 20 years old from South Carolina to South Florida over about five months. Chris Emerson, 36, was stopped abroad his horse Trigger on Wednesday after local police received concerned calls about the horse's condition.

Trigger is significantly underweight and is extremely backsore, according to the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Trigger is also blind in one eye.

Emerson said he started the ride from his former hometown in Greenwood, S.C., after going through a divorce, and planned to start a new life in Key West. He told the Miami Herald he had no plans for how he would care for Trigger in such an expensive part of the country for housekeeping. He was found with bags of grass clippings, which he evidently planned to feed to Trigger.

Emerson appears to have been grazing Trigger in order to keep him fed, but authorities said he had no money to feed or house himself, and did not appear to be providing Trigger any kind of grain.

Trigger is now in the custody of the South Florida SPCA.

Read more at the Miami Herald

  • greg

    Get your a$$ outta here and take the horse ya rode in on!!

  • john

    Sounds like mental illness

  • Mr. Moo

    Wonder how many folks drove wright on by with no offer to help or even ask

  • ctgreyhound

    Emerson’s life is in disarray & he thought he would take his horse down with him. Luckily the police collared him just in time. The horse’s life has been spared; Emerson’s is questionable. Hope he gets the help he obviously needs.

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