Illegal Horsemeat Racket That Spans Europe Exposed

by | 07.17.2017 | 8:17am

A police operation lead by Spain has exposed a horsemeat racket that spans Europe, Europol, the EU's police agency, states.

Police made 65 arrests regarding the issue, which involved horsemeat that was unfit for human consumption that was being sold as edible. The crimes against those arrested include forgery, money laundering, racketeering and animal abuse. Additional charges include committing crimes against public health and perverting the course of justice, reports BBC News.

The Spanish investigation into the ring began a year ago when some unusual trends were discovered in the horsemeat market. France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Romania and the United Kingdom also helped with the investigation. Police raided the ring in Leon and Alicante (Spain), seizing or blocking bank accounts, property and cars.

It is believed that a Dutch businessman controlled the horsemeat ring from southeast Spain. He has been arrested. The same man was also sought in connection with a Republic of Ireland scandal in 2013, in which horse meat was found in beef burgers.

The horsemeat ring was slaughtering horses that were in poor condition, old or labeled “not suitable for human consumption” in two different locations. The animals came from northern Spain and Portugal, and their meat was then sent to Belgium, a large horsemeat exporter.

To ensure that the horses were not identified, identifying documentation and microchips were modified by the group.

Samples that were analyzed in The Hague determined that the meat was bound for markets outside Spain as the meat samples matched others found abroad.

Read more at BBC News.

  • Mindy

    “To ensure that the horses were not identified, identifying documentation and microchips were modified by the group.”
    to all those who think microchip identifiers are the ‘be all, end all’ to ensure all horses are who their owners say they are, and to protect them from being slaughtered, told ya so, not just in theory, but in practice

    • TwoBays


  • savinghorses2

    This will Happen in America. The Canadian plants tightened up Only after the EU got on them for violations of the US horses entering this same scheme. The US horses are loaded with medications, vaccines, drugs both legal and illegal, supplements, chemicals, stolen, bought from unknown sources and the documents forged in order to pass them on. To attempt to circumevent these extra restrictions they didn’t withdrawal horses and for many drugs the FDA bans from the Food Chain they aren’t accepted at all yet were constantly getting through. The EU attempted a 6 month withdrawal period ban for those that have a withdrawal all this did was spur US schemers to change to attempting to reopen in the US. They state on the horse slaughter US site that demand is high in Europe yet another scandal shows its hidden and not openly consumed. Online reports of high consumption in Japan were disputed when it was revealed exactly how low the amount is that actually is knowingly consumed. The underhanded trade is attempting to reopen in the United States with the intention of calling it more humane and stating in their emails to other slaughter individuals its to avoid having to go by the EU standards and remove the Withdrawal period to make faster profits. The issues are as follows they wanting to sell the meat with the violations under the USDA believing they will no longer have a 6 month withdrawal period to by pass. Please do not allow US horse meat to return. The horses are alive during dismemberment. One organization spends time online trying to convince people its humane in the US and it has proven its never been. They are always in violation. I lived in Illinois and know full well the extent of the damage it causes.

  • savinghorses2

    The BLM horses are falsely being driven into the slaughter plants or death by shotgun by an agency that claims they are eating the entire West. The Bureau has the horses on a 3 strikes your out of the adoption program. They initially round up post online a pic and the horses that are not adopted are posted 3 times.then they are NEVER posted for adoption ever again. Tim Stewart said dogs and Cats that are not adopted are actually euthanized at humane societies, well to the House Stewart told his story to get their vote against the horses. Heres the actual facts. The Humane Society has the animals available to view online and in papers and in person 365 days a year. They give the animals every day to find suitable homes. You can be online any day of the year and see a pet you want to adopt before it ever gets killed, often they transport those animals unadopted to another society that helps in their area to find them homes and so on. Again 365 days a year the animals are available. When you have 3 strikes for a horse in 2006 and they put it in holding from 2006 unadopted until 2017 without any advertising for a home your directly in the wrong. The BLM isn’t trying to adopt those animals they are holding them hostage and fattening them to be killed by slaughter. That is fact. The horses need outside agencies who place horses steadily in homes currently to take over adoptions and allow these horses 365 day a year opportunities for homes. IF you are stockpiling and telling people no its the BUREAU failing to adopt intentionally not the lack of adopters interested. We have to stop slaughter before the above article is America and we have to stop contaminating the World with US toxic horsemeat and last please tell Congress find a 365 adoptive program initiative as the only alternative. no killing

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