How To Choose The Best Blanket For Your Horse

by | 01.04.2016 | 6:49am

With so many options for weights, styles and types of blankets out there, how do you know what is the right choice for your horse?

The team at put together a handy read for horse owners that answers this question based on your horse's build, workload, behavioral habits, etc.

Is your horse trace clipped, body clipped or unclipped? Is his activity level while outside in his pasture high or low? Is he a neat freak in his stall or does he live like Pig Pen? Answering questions like these will help to decipher what type of blanket your horse needs.

Next comes sizing the blanket. All that's needed is a cloth or other type of flexible tape to take a measurement of your horse from the middle of the chest to the outermost portion of the hind quarters. On most horses, this measurement will fall between 68″ and 84″.




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