Horse Brought On Dance Floor Of Miami Beach Night Club; Facility’s License Revoked

by | 03.12.2018 | 9:48am

A white horse was brought onto a crowded dance floor of Mokai Lounge, a Miami Beach nightclub, last week. Ridden by a man and a scantily clad woman, the horse fell and then struggled repeatedly to get up, dislodging the female rider.

Miami Beach Police “inspected and deemed [the horse] to be healthy and safe, according to Time. The bar had its business license revoked, citing “possible animal cruelty and a hazard to public safety,” according to a press release from the City of Miami Beach.

The stunt was arranged by the marketing director for Mokai Lounge, who is now suspended without pay.

Read more at Time.



  • Fred and Joan Booth

    We saw the video a couple of days ago. The horse was surprisingly well behaved and handled the CRAZY situation quite well. Glad the club had its license revoked and the horse is okay. Stupid people to stage a stunt like this for all involved, horse and people!

  • Four Race Horses

    Only in Florida-DUH. Attention Sunshine State brain surgeons . . . horses will also slip and fall on blacktop paving. So if you ride your horse on someone’s driveway, it’s your own AS-PHALT.

  • Rue de Jean

    “a scantily clad woman,” just of course! Stupid women! Am super glad that the horse is okay; couldn’t care less about any of the nitwit people involved.

  • Beth

    I once rode my horse thru the patio doors and up to the bar at a honkytonk and ordered a drink. My horse had a peppermint schnapps. Horse was well-behaved, and so were the bar’s patrons. Stupid thing to do, but I was 20 and it was a bar in the country with a hitching rail for thirsty riders. Thank god my horse had better sense than all the humans involved.

    • Fred and Joan Booth

      Interesting experience. Our first horse, Turk we rode everywhere! He was curious and liked to see new places. We have ridden him into churches being built, service stations where we worked on his feet. He also has gone into the office of the now called Sunset Surf motel which was at that time called Ocean Park motel which was managed by our family.The owner did not mind as long as we cleaned up if needed which was not needed. The owner thought it would be a good publicity picture which it did become. Turk is even on the cover of a book of poetry which the author gave us one of the first copies of. If you use a good full rimed shoe with good, soft tempered steel, you will have no problems riding on asphalt which we have traveled thousands of miles on.

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