Super 8 Motel Not Happy With Recent Equine Guest

by | 10.18.2017 | 4:11pm

A video of horse trainer Lindsey Partridge bringing her horse into the reception area of the Georgetown, Ky Super 8 Motel, and later into her room, went viral last week, but management of the hotel are not happy.

Hotel management says that Partridge, who operates Harmony Horsemanship in Pontypool, Ontario, Canada and was in town to compete in the Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover, did not ask for permission to shoot the video. Further, they say the entire ordeal was against their policy and that Partridge had no right to shoot the videos and post them online for promotional purposes without their consent.

Partridge, who conceded that she indeed did not request permission to post the videos, said the entire scenario played out “in less than a minute,” stating that as she was checking in she was told they allowed pets and thought it presented the perfect opportunity to create a light-hearted video for her training business's Facebook page, which has more than 10,000 followers.

Read more and watch the video at WLEX.

  • Flag Is Up

    Absolutely amazing how foolish people will be just to get some social media attention. No regards to the safety of the horse or the hotel guest, this could have easily gone very wrong!

    • Fred and Joan Booth

      Oh good grief. Our first horse,Turk went everywhere he showed an interest to go,including the office of a motel that are family manged for a real estate firm, service station where we would shoe him in a service bay,a new church that had just been built and even in our kitchen of our house! He knew what the refrigerator held, his carrots! She should have asked permission of the owner of the Super motel, which of course we did with Ocean Park motels owner. Jack Sampson, the owner didn`t mind a bit as long as we cleaned up any messes Turk made, which he of course didn`t do as he was not in the office long.

      • Always Curious

        One of mine followed me in the house when I left the door open to fetch something. I said what???? Took her halter, circled around the dining room table and on back out the door. So many horses are better than people!

        • Fred and Joan Booth

          We currently have thoroughbred gelding ,named Surprise Account, who has walked up our back decks three steps. Upon reaching our sliding patio door, opened it as it was unlocked, and proceeded to place his feet into our kitchen dining area with every intent of coming in! Our brother was at the table at the time reading the paper and drinking his coffee and he hollered to come out and handle him. We of course could not immediately as we were in the bathroom. Eventually we came out and we all compromised with Surprise Account being allowed to go into our garage! We were having a cold rain begin as well as some hail at the time too.Our thoroughbred horses are indeed very smart about figuring out things.We have had to chain and padlock our double lever gates as they can open them despite having to do two separate procedures to open them! We have been awakened to the sound of much distressed people drivers when our horses had opened the gates and the horses would not allow travel down our county road without a carrot toll of some kind!

          • Always Curious

            Too funny! They are so smart. I always said one of them was so smart she knew what I was going to do before I did & already figuring out what she was going to manage me. She liked to look in the front picture window at me but I had to put a stop to it. She was smashing my flowers. Lol Happy memories.

        • Audrey Gulla

          OMG! Too funny!!! :)

    • Always Curious

      You are spouting the absurd. Yep I was shocked at the sight of a horse I had, take your pick: anxiety attack, heart palpitations, a horse micro-agression for reminding me I don’t like horses or racing, etc. Maybe I can sue from my house since I viewed it from here. While your assume the worst, you give no respect for the horsewoman & her skills.

  • Delrene

    Love it. Those gorgeous gray steeds get away with a lot on their looks alone. Hope all the fuss dies down.

  • Barry

    My brother brought his newly purchased Pit Bull to my mother’s house and it promptly ate her rug.

    • Manefan

      HEADLINE: Puppy Pit Bull Purges Persian (rug)

      • Erin Casseday


  • Larry sterne

    That’s what I call a good trainer. How many of you had a horse that you would even try this with.?? Shows what good training and good horse disposition will do. Motel chain missed a great promo opp themselves by not thinking.

    • Erin Casseday

      I have had a few actually, though I never took them into a public building like a hotel. LOL!!

  • Noelle

    Instead of enjoying the public relations benefit, the management of Super 8 in Georgetown KY just looks petty. The horse behaved himself and his trainer knew he had good manners so there was no downside until Super 8 created one.

    • Common sense 101

      Wow. So everything’s ok until a downsides created. I’m coming over pal! We are having a sleep over

  • Sara swope

    Perhaps, this might encourage more liveries/ temporary stableling, on or close to motels, for travelling horsepersons? Especially in Kentucky. Horse Capital of the World.

  • DeePet

    It’s a Super 8, for goodness sake, one of the trashiest motel chains out there. They should be grateful for the positive publicity.

    • Perhaps they thought the horse would skwish some of the pet cockroaches

      • DeePet


    • Always Curious

      I am always looking for creatures that hide in motels before I check in. At least you can easily see a horse.

  • john

    Agreed…the horse classed up the place!

  • OopsyDaisy3

    The best way to support Ms. Partridge is to stay away from Super 8’s.
    Further, they need to clarify their meaning of pets. Doesn’t look to me like
    the clerk behind the desk had her ruffles in an uproar either! That horse
    looked to be well behaved. Lighten up Super 8 folks, you are receiving
    free advertisement. Linda in Texas

    • So what they are saying is that where me and some frends where to book rooms there or somthing and wanted to do a group photo of frends they would complain.

      Sounds like some trivial manager had some ego issue with it after the fact. Tecnicaly at this point they should pay the lady for comming up with a very good short and widly read ad.
      wonder what the owner of that partucular franchised hotel thinks of the free exposure that would normaly have cost 50 grand or so to produce and air a positive add like that. Where i the owner of the ficility manager would be GONE

  • Always Curious

    Remember when Jungle Jack Hannah took baby tigers and assorted “wild animals” and kept them in their hotel rooms in New York City when he was on the David Letterman Show? They were not staying at Motel Six either; certainly some high class hotel. They did not tell management either. Those stories were so entertaining and made the zoo animals look good & and a worthy cause. Showing a “tame” TB could have been such PR. Idiots.

  • Flag Is Up

    The actions of trainer Lindsey Partridge and the comments of the posters here demonstrate how the respect for rules and other peoples property have diminished. Being an octogenarian I am embarrassed at how much respect has slipped with younger generations!

    • Sara swope

      How was the trainer disrespectful? Some of the (horse) scenes that I’ve witnessed in public, were nothing short of horrifying! Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, even on places where horses are supposed to be. I’m not trying to be facecious, but I really don’t see the disrespect, in this case. Are we not to ride in parades anymore, or bring horses to old folks homes, or anything else that might push against the present boundaries? Some people don’t have a choice, but to hack out in traffic, if they are going to ride at all. With all the bad news we have now, let’s just enjoy things that maybe out of the ordinary, but of a more optimistic view.

      • Flag Is Up

        Baffled that you find Lindsey Partridge’s actions of taking a horse into a motel room shows any kind of respect for the rules or the property of the business.

        God save us all!

        • Sara swope

          Ok, now I think I understand. You’re saying that because the trainer didn’t ask permission first, is where she disrespected the establishment. Correct? No doubt, one wouldn’t expect a full-grown person to do something like that, kids perhaps, especially w/ a Thoughbred horse, since TB.’s have a reputation of being volatile, & over-reactive. Personally, I would not have considered doing something like that, especially, w/ someone else’s horse. If I was that horse’s owner, I’d be pretty upset. If I’m travelling w/ my horses, I always make sure, they’re stabled, before I even consider finding a place to roost myself. My horses’ comfort, & safety, always come first. Period. End of story.

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