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Applications Now Being Accepted For Steve Greene Memorial Scholarship

LOUISVILLE, KY — Horsemen’s Track and Equipment is currently accepting applications for the third annual Steve Greene Memorial Scholarship. This $2,500 academic scholarship will be awarded to a Thoroughbred farm, racetrack or training center employee, or a member of their immediate family (spouse or child), who is currently enrolled in a 4 or 5-year undergraduate […]

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Hot And Cold: Custom Shoeing Versus ‘Plating’ For Thoroughbreds

A farrier pounding a red-hot shoe on an anvil is part of our equine heritage. Most disciplines prefer their farriers to hand-make shoes from bar stock using a forge to custom-fashion them for each particular horse. The shoes are applied to the bottom of the horse’s feet while still hot, a process called “burning,” which […]

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Equine Owners Provide Valuable Insight Into Laminitis Cases

Many horse owners are well versed in the symptoms of laminitis: a stretched-out stance, reluctance to move and heat in the hooves, including a bounding digital pulse. Educated owners know to immediately call the veterinarian, as these signs are all indicators that a horse is experiencing inflammation of the laminae that connect the coffin bone […]

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Pennsylvania Governor, Boston Terrier Sign Animal Cruelty Bill Into Law

Governor of Pennsylvania To Wolf, along with a furry friend, signed a bill into law on Wednesday, June 28 that will strengthen the state’s animal protection laws. Wolf’s signature was followed by a paw print in ink by Libre, a Boston terrier who was found emaciated and disease-riddled at a puppy mill-style breeding operation. The […]

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Put Your Hooves Up: Driver-less Amish Buggy Apprehended By Police

Officers are used to pulling over people in cars, but one Ohio State Trooper was forced to take extraordinary measures when he pulled over a horse pulling a driver-less buggy this past weekend. The incident happened Sunday morning, when Wooster Police received reports of an Amish buggy without a driver on State Road 250. One […]

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Equus Foundation To Hold Adoption Meet & Greet, Fundraiser At Fairfield Co Horse Show

The Equus Foundation has several activities planned to support equine adoption efforts at their upcoming Fairfield County Hunt Club June Benefit Horse Show. The show, which runs from June 20th through 24th, features the $30,000 Equus Foundation Grand Prix. On Thursday, June 22th, the public is invited to the Fairfield County Hunt Club show grounds […]

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If Your Farrier Suffers An Injury, Who’s Liable?

Part of the job for most farriers is the daily risk of a job-related bruise, strain, or worse. A farrier knows every time he or she crawls under a horse could mean serious injury, or even death, if things go wrong. Workers in the United States have recourse against their employers for injuries on the […]

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Vaccine For Carbohydrate-Induced Laminitis Shows Promise

Laminitis is one of the most common causes of death in horses, and one of the most stubborn ailments. In an effort to thwart it onset, equine surgeon Dr. David Wilson, professor of large animal surgery at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, is in the process of developing a vaccine that could have the potential to […]

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GPS Helps Researchers Better Understand Herd Dynamics

It’s easy to wonder what horses get up to when their people aren’t watching them — how they get along in the herd, and how horses with a known connection interact throughout the day. A Japanese research group recently used global positioning systems (GPS) on the halters of a group of horses to garner information on […]

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