Hemp And Horse Health: Are There Any Benefits To CBD?

by | 02.12.2020 | 9:13pm

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, which has been made into CBD oil that some horse owners use on equines that have arthritis or anxiety. There have not been any studies on the efficacy of the CBD products in horses — until now. Scientists at Tarleton State University's Equine Center in Stephenville, Texas, have created a unique study that has garnered interest from all over the world.

Dr. Kimberly Guay is overseeing the research, which she hopes will quantify the way CBD affects inflammation, stress, and negative stereotypical behaviors in horses. Horses in the study will be given different formulations of CBD, including pellets and oil. Students in Tarleton's equine science class then measure the horse's heart rate and cortisol levels. They also observe the horses that have been dosed with CBD to discover if it has any effect on common obsessive-compulsive behaviors, like cribbing.

The study will also glean information about how long CBD stays in a horse's system. This information is very important to horses used in competitions; there are stringent rules that apply to equine supplements and medications and their withdrawal times before a horse competes.

Until that research is published, veterinarians have cautioned owners about the lack of research behind CBD products in equines, specifically its route of action (if any) and long-term impacts.

Guay expects to publish her results in 2021.

Read more at the Glen Rose Reporter.

See a video about Guay's study here.

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