French Racehorses Banned, Then Reinstated, After Old Hay Led To Positive Drug Test

by | 03.21.2019 | 9:08am

Two racehorses in France that tested positive for the banned substance boldenone, an anabolic steroid, were determined to have received the positive test from eating old hay.

Both horses in the Haute-Loire tested positive for the drug on June 24 and July 14, 2018. The horses were banned and their trainers, who were considered to have “good reputations,” were accused. It was determined by the racing laboratory in Verrières-le-Buisson that the horses had the drug in their system after eating old hay, not because of an intentional act.

After the link between the old hay and the positive tests was drawn, the horse trainers were exonerated of all charges and the horses were reinstated.

The rural tack buys hay from local farmers and the hay fed to the two horses had been stored for some time. The hay had boldione, a precursor to boldenone, in it, which was then metabolized in the horse's digestive tract by bacteria, causing the positive test.

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