Foiled Again: Horse’s Attempt To Sneak Out Window Fails

by | 10.18.2017 | 2:59pm

A Ventura County, Calif., horse got a bit hung up in an attempt to escape his stall and join his herdmates that were outside in a pasture. The Ventura County Fire Department was called when the horse attempted to sneak out his window to freedom, but got hung around his midsection, leaving his hind end in his stall while his front legs were on the ground outside his window.

Though the horse wasn't injured in his escape attempt, he was certainly stuck on the wall and uncomfortable. Thankfully, the Fire Department has a large animal rescue team trained to handle and extricate large animals in situations like these.

The horse was freed and was “walking normally” after his attempted escape. A veterinarian was also called to ensure the horse was not injured.

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Watch the video below to see how the Ventura County Fire Department prepares for large animal emergencies.


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