Florida Woman Shares Home With Horses During Hurricane Irma

by | 09.11.2017 | 10:54am

Florida horse owner Georgia Mott did whatever it took to protect her animals from Hurricane Irma this weekend, which included opening her home to her two horses, Goose and Dixie.

“When you live in a house made of poured concrete, you bring all the animals inside for Hurricane Irma. The horses and 6 dogs are ready to ride it out! Prayers for everyone that is in her path,” said Mott in a Facebook post on Saturday that soon went viral.

A resident of Okeeachobee, Mott said she got the idea from seeing friends post on Facebook about moving their horses into concrete barns to protect them from the storm. Since her house was made of concrete, she figured it was the safest place for her animals, which also included six dogs.

Mott and her family cleared out the laundry room and bedded it down with shavings before carefully walking her two horses through the kitchen and into the makeshift stall. Both horses were also lightly sedated to keep them calm during the ordeal.

Read more at Palm Beach Post.

  • WT


    • Brent T

      Whats so ridiculous

    • Blue Larkspur

      Only to someone who has no real connection to the horse ( uh, you are an animal, too ;-) )

  • Robin

    Go Ms. Mott! You did what you had to do. I glad all of you made it alive and well

  • KYFan2

    And nice advertisement for Back on Track wraps, LOL!

    • Blue Larkspur

      She loves her horses!

  • Lehane

    Sensible woman, Ms Mott.

    • Minneola

      Sensible and with a high sense of values and priorities.

  • Ned Daly

    Straight out of “Misty of Chincoteague”

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