Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Photography: Under-Horse

by | 03.20.2017 | 11:02am

Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba originally became an internet sensation with his photographs of cats from below, called “Under-cats.” Now he is once again rocketing to fame with his latest subject: horses.

Burba thought the project of photographing the horses would take about two months to complete; he needed to find a piece of glass thick enough to hold the weight of a horse, first. He ended up using three pieces of glass that were glued together to make a piece that was 30mm thick. If one piece of glass broke, the other two would keep the photographer, who was under the horse, safe.

Burba then had to dig a deep pit that would allow him and his equipment enough room to take the photograph. To make the shoot even safer, a wooden box equipped with electricity was made so that he had power for his lighting, computer and camera.

He had the horses wear rubber shoes made by a farrier so they wouldn't scratch the glass when they walked on it. When the day of the shoot arrived, the rains came, creating additional challenges like condensation on the glass. The second day of the shoot brought even more weather-related hazards with ice and snow that had to constantly be cleaned off the glass.

For Under-cats, Burba had one helper with the cats; for the Under-horse shoot, he had 40 helpers. They conned the horses onto the glass with treats and helped position the horses the way Burba wanted, which was also more difficult than with the cats. Surprisingly, the horses were quite calm about the entire process.

Read more and see Burba's amazing images at Horse Network.


  • Rider717

    SO cool. Just goes to show: horses are beautiful from all angles!

  • Mindy

    how was it possibly more difficult to maneuver horses than *cats*!? (and I’m a lifelong cat owner, and I love them, but they have a mind of their own, *not* bred to serve, the way horses have been)

  • Elle D

    Fascinating photos.

  • longtimehorsewoman

    Does nothing for me. Horses are beautiful, magnificent creatures. The “under” look is not attractive.

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