Do Horses That Live Alone Still Need Dewormed?

by | 12.02.2019 | 3:59pm

Parasite control is a hot topic among horse owners, especially at facilities that have multiple horses housed on them. But deworming protocol shouldn't only be a concern for farms that have entire herds horses; properties with just one horse should also be concerned with parasite resistance.

A horse that doesn't have other equine companions, one that rarely leaves his home farm or one that isn't exposed to other horses regularly should still have a fecal egg count performed a few times a year to be sure he isn't harboring a large infestation of parasites, says parasitologist Dr. Martin Nielsen. However, with limited parasite exposure, the horse may only need to be treated for worms once or twice a year.

Horses housed in communal settings will need to have different deworming strategies than those housed alone. The strategies employed will need to be designed for all horses on the property; the goal is not to control the parasites in just one horse, but to control the entire parasite population on the farm.

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