Derby-Winning Trainer Pletcher Donates Value Of Ram Truck To Thoroughbred Aftercare

by | 05.07.2017 | 10:27am
Pletcher poses in front of his new Dodge Ram truck with TAA representatives and New Vocations director Anna Ford (second from left).

In the midst of the hectic press conference following his second Kentucky Derby victory with Always Dreaming, Todd Pletcher was understandably emotional. The Derby-winning trainer is awarded a Dodge Ram truck at the end of the press conference, and Pletcher made a point to remember and honor the Thoroughbreds who had carried him to this highlight of his career.

I will definitely take the truck, because it has significant sentimental meaning to me to do that. But I'd like to donate the value of the truck to Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and New Vocations,” Pletcher said. “It is a very important cause for us to take care of our retired race horses. And so, like I said, I want to keep the truck. But I'm happy to make that donation.”

Sunday morning, Pletcher met with New Vocations director Anna Ford.

“We're so thankful for everything that he's done for us,” Ford said. “His endorsement alone has been huge, and he's always financially supported us as well. So those two things alone have helped New Vocations move forward in ways that he'll never know.”

  • Jbumi

    Very cool, Hot Toddy!!!!

  • Richard C

    It was an outstanding gesture — Todd Pletcher has always been an incredibly admirable representative of the sport.

  • GloriaU

    Bravo, Mr. Pletcher! Nicely done.

  • Judy Fraizer

    ALL horsemen, players and fans should contribute to this worthwhile cause. There are a number to choose from Good example Mr. P

  • riatea

    Fantastic! He could not have handled that any better. Forty years from now he can go check on the horses in the back forty in his very special farm truck.

  • Rita Ebert

    Classy man…congratulations job well done…good luck in the next two races…

  • Gail Hirt

    Thank you Mr. Pletcher and congratulations.

  • Rob B

    I find it much harder to route against him than I once did. Seems like he’s lightened up a bit over the years. Guys like him and Chad Brown win graded stakes and don’t crack a smile. Glad to see for him that has subsided.

    • Esse Em

      Pletcher has always seemed pleasant in my personal experience. Chad Brown is a snot.

      • Rob B

        To be fair for me its perception only. I don’t know either man personally.

  • gus stewart

    I also will now find it more difficult to root against him. So many people who may get into the top of any career and may do so by using any means to get there. Not saying todd p did that, wasn’t around to witness his training schedules etc,, but this seems to definitely come from the heart and emotions of knowing his life and success has been given to him by the racehorses in his present and past.

  • Casey Phillips

    Well done, Todd. I wish the general public realized how much you, and other trainers, DO donate to Thoroughbred aftercare organizations. Maybe Paulick report could do an article on that- Not only the trainers, but the owners who contribute.

  • ridingtowin

    Did any of the people who actually do the work win any thing?

    • Joseph taylor

      If your suggesting the trainer doesn’t do any of the work your not very intelligent

    • lastromantibune

      yeah they did…it’s called a “stake” and are given bonus’s

    • Judoon

      Suggesting that Pletcher doesn’t do any work is petty and inaccurate.

    • theosmachine

      I sure hope the owners took care of them. I know if I was lucky enough to win the KD I would make sure all the connections were well compensated.

    • tony a

      They got bagels and coffee.

  • Thomas Reynolds

    I’d I remember correctly, didn’t Pat Day keep the Cadillac and donate the value of it to the Disabled Jockeys Fund? Well done Mr. Pletcher.

    • susan heller

      Pat Day was always a “CLass act”!

  • Becki

    Well done. Hopefully others will follow your lead. Rescuer of many ottbs.

  • Luke

    How great is that!! Well done Todd Pletcher!! You are a class act! Thank goodness we have trainers still thinking of the retired race horses that ran their hearts out for owners and trainers! Hopefully other trainers follow this great example !

  • lastromantibune


  • yvonne coffey

    Wow what a great thing to do!soo cool tht it will help other horses

  • Sam

    Pletcher I thank God for a man of your character.

  • Norman

    Congrats to all involved….but
    Not enough credit has ever gone to the grooms n hot walkers and the people of every day operations …
    Please dont take this with any disrespect but its long over due …

    • Sharon M

      For what it’s worth, I know a few people who work for Todd and he’s very well liked by all his employees. I do agree the press often don’t give them enough credit.

    • Romanella

      At the Arc in France there are smaller trophies given to the trainer, jockey, groom and exercise rider. I watched it after Treve won her second Arc and I think that it is on youtube
      I agree with you completely but the barns do appreciate them even though the public is not nearly as aware of their great importance

  • David Worley

    Great move and very smart in a multitude of ways.

    • Waquoit

      I agree. Especially making it a point to say he’s keeping the truck.

  • On behalf of the horses that will be assisted with your generosity…thank you!

  • meaghanedwards

    Very classy!

  • whirlaway

    A win for throughbreds being placed in new careers thanks to TP. The accredited facilities
    really make a difference to many horses and they should be supported for their dedication.

  • daryl steen

    Todd is a winner and has a heart . We should all give back to the animals we love so much !

  • Diana Levy

    Damn it Todd Pletcher, you made me like you. Especially because you donated to someone other than Old Friends who seems to be the only thoroughbred charity that gets any attention.

  • Delrene

    Nice. Great for racing and the horses.

  • kramhslew

    Nice to see a successful man contribute, thank you Tad Pletcher.

  • KyScout

    Very nice! My respect for the racing industry just went up several notches. Hopefully there are a lot more like Mr., Pletcher that we just don’t hear about. These wonderful animal athletes are so versatile and can have a long full life after their days on the race track when given a chance. Thank you Mr. Pletcher for being an example the world could see.

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