Clean Up Your Act To Prevent Thrush

by | 03.07.2019 | 3:37pm

Thrush is an infection in the sole of a horse's hoof that can be severe enough to cause lameness. Thrush is extremely common and is not always indicative of damp or muddy equine housing: Thrush can be found in horses that live in dry environments if their hooves are not cleaned regularly–dirt and debris pack in around the frog and lead to infection.

Once a horse develops thrush in one or more of his hooves, it's important that his hooves are cleaned every day, ensuring that debris trapped around the frog is removed. Once the foot is clean, thrush treatment can be applied.

Care should be taken when cleaning the hooves and applying any products; hooves with thrush can be quite painful and the horse may be reluctant to have his feet handled. Thrush in the split between the heel bulbs is especially concerning as the horse's heels may move independently and allow the infection to spread to inner tissues.

Farriers may treat this condition with gauze soaked in disinfection solution that they “floss” between the heel bulbs. A farrier may also apply a bar shoe to prevent additional frog deterioration.

Thrush treatment can be lengthy and expensive; it's easier to work to prevent it in the first place rather than care for it once it occurs.

Read more at Horse Illustrated.

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