Cavalor North America Launches New Improved Line Of Cavalor Care Products

by | 01.20.2019 | 8:46am

Cavalor is pleased to announce the new and improved lineup of their popular horse care products. This brand is highly regarded amongst high performance horse owners/riders and it continues its mission to provide top-quality, specialized products that are assured to produce the results promised. The Cavalor care line has undergone a complete transformation with chic looking, user-friendly packaging, an extended and improved product base, and the renaming of certain products for clarity regarding their purpose and use.

Based at Cavalor's corporate headquarters in Drongen, Belgium, Managing Partner Lieselot Hamerlinck led the team to develop the new lineup, which now features several additional options in each category that includes hoof care, cool care for recovery, pH-neutral shampoos and skin care products:

“The Cavalor team prides itself on formulating products that produce results that count. We continually evaluate and improve what we offer and our care product line perfectly complements our feed and supplements. Naturally, we utilize only the finest quality ingredients. Our horse care line has undergone a complete revolution in packaging to improve their user-friendly factor and is now highly recognizable in Cavalor colors of navy and orange. For example, our popular product MudDoc, previously came in a jar, making it awkward to use. It is now repackaged it in a handy tube. Additionally, we've renamed some products to better detail their purpose, so riders and grooms can instantly grab what they need. The packaging is durable and we have incorporated eco-friendly bags instead of plastic tubs to provide environmentally friendly disposability.”

Each product is carefully formulated from primarily natural ingredients to provide stellar results that top professionals can count on to get the job done. The all-important pH factor remains a constant emphasis in Cavalor's innovative skin care formulas. While human skin has a natural acidity and can handle the low pH found in human shampoos, the horse's skin has an optimal pH around neutral. This means regular human shampoos will cause dehydration and actually pull moisture from the horse's skin. To avoid this undesirable result, all Cavalor products are specifically formulated to be pH neutral ensuring they are mild and moisturizing, and provide excellent results with their perfect pH for the horse's health.

Stringent quality control and safe, effective ingredients that are tailor-made to do their job provide Cavalor with an impressive cadre of customers that include World Champions, Olympic medalists and World Cup winners. The success of these athletes is derived in large part from the continuous health and performance of their equine partners. It is a great testimonial to the Cavalor brand that so many of them rely on Cavalor products to compete at the highest levels.

World Champion Reiner Daniel Schloemer shared this piece of advice:

“Ask yourself, how could you expect your horses to give their very best, if you don't provide them with the very best to begin with? That's why I choose Cavalor.”

When the result counts, high-performance horse owners, grooms and riders rely on Cavalor products. If you would like to learn more about how to become a part of the rapidly expanding Cavalor collection of happy horse owners, dealers or retailers, please visit our website at

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