Carrot And Apple Flavoring Clear Winners In Equine Taste Test

by | 03.10.2018 | 1:51pm

A new study shows that taste preferences in horses vary by breed and gender, though apples and carrots were standout preferences throughout the trial.

For the study, 48 mares and stallions ate five different types of oat-based, pelletized feed that was mixed with one of the following: dried sweet dessert apples, dried sour apples, dried carrots, dried sugar beet molasses or barley with added salt.

The horses, which were Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Polish cold-blooded or Polish Konik, were then given access to five buckets in their stalls over three days; the order of the buckets changed each day. The equine's reactions were recorded and scored.

Published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, the study concluded that feeds with carrots and apples were the best received. Pellets that had sour apple flavoring were favored by stallions, while mares preferred feed with a sweeter taste.

Read more about the study at HorseTalk.

Read the abstract in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

  • copperhead

    Surprised that peppermint wasn’t one of the flavors, maybe it’s not a common horse treat in Poland? I’m always interested to learn what people from other regions give their horses as treats. Many of Andalusian stallions I know like oranges (none of the other breeds in the barn do) and here in the south, most of the horses will beg for watermellon. My Arab-TB cross likes dried pears.

  • MsMoose

    You need a “study” to figure that out ???

  • Concerned Observer

    What???? No orange flavored electrolyte test???? Have you ever seen a horse eat an orange?
    Sorta like flowers in the shedrow, makes the horses so happy.

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