A New Way To Administer Fluids In A Pinch

by | 09.02.2019 | 9:35am

Some equine conditions, like colic, necessitate the administration of large amounts of fluid over a short period of time. While this can be done through a nasogastric tube, it's not always feasible or advisable in every situation. Fluids can also be run intravenously, which puts the fluid directly into circulation, but there may be logistic issues with that, too. A new study shows that large amounts of fluid can also be administered rectally.

Drs. Adeel Khan, G. D. Hallowell, C. Underwood and A. W. van Eps gave six healthy horses three fluid solutions, delivered through each of these three routes.

To determine which manner of fluid administration was most effective, the researchers watched for changes in the blood. The packed cell volume fell in all treatments, indicating that the fluid was being absorbed. Total solids in the blood fell with both intravenous and rectal administration of fluid.

The researchers determined that the rectal administration of fluids offers a safe, inexpensive alternative to IV fluid administration; it can also be used in conjunction with IV fluids.

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