21 Of Queen’s Horses Turned Loose From Field

by | 08.12.2017 | 1:37pm

Twenty one horses that belong to the Queen's Household Cavalry were intentionally let out of their field at the RAVC Defence Animal Training Regiment in Melton Mowbray, Leics.

The horses got onto a nearby road and were reportedly chased by three people on motorbikes, who beeped their horns and revved their engines.

Some of the horses roamed nearly six miles from their home; others were hit by vehicles before all were rounded up nearly three hours later by police, the public and vets using cars and horse trailers. Though the horses did hit and damage some cars, no one, horse or human, was seriously injured. All the horses are recovering well.

A request is being made by police for any information on who may have turned the horses loose.

Read more at The Telegraph.

  • Ida Lee

    Meanness for the sake of being mean…and to helpless animals….don’t understand it….just so glad everyone is alright….

  • Cindi

    So glad to hear all involved will be okay. Why would anyone do this on purpose? So sad

    • A wingnut. Either someone who doesn’t know anything about horses, or someone disgustingly EVIL.

  • Mindy

    if even the *Queen’s* horses don’t have adequate security to prevent this from happening, what chance do ‘everyday’ horse owners have, of protecting their horses?
    …is London Tower still accepting new residents?

    • Ida Lee

      It was a nightmare…Shergar’s kidnapping should never have happened and now we see why it did….I do hope we have better security with our own equine athletes ….

  • Mindy

    …is London Tower still accepting new residents? seems fitting for the hooligans (or terrorists?) who did this

  • greg

    who does this, someone thinks it’s funny to scare a horse, any horse, on a road with a motorcycle? Thought that only would happen here in America where nobody respects anyone else or their property

    • TwoBays

      It certainly happened to a friend of mine a few years back; the motorcyclist was laughing and having a great time watching her horse rear and react to his stupidity.

    • Mindy

      and they start young, we rescued a cat (this was decades ago), who was a stray in a family’s yard, the little boy liked to chase her around on his tricycle

  • Elle D

    Off with their heads!

  • Big G

    there are some really stupid people in this world , thank God that nothing major happened, and all of the horse’s will be fine.. this just makes me sick to think that someone innocent could have been killed or a horse lose their life over stupidity,, I really think her majesty the queen could spare one of the guards from scotland yard to protect these beautiful animals…

    • Mindy

      or, at the *very* least, have enough cameras covering the area (Lord knows they’re all over London) to be able to identify the perpetrators

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