GOOD NEWS FRIDAY brought to you by Liberation Farm: ONLINE DATING FOR YOUR MARE?

by | 11.17.2010 | 12:47am

By Bradford Cummings

When your life is on the line, no doctor of any credibility would even think twice about you seeking a second opinion on his diagnosis. So when thousands, sometimes millions of dollars are in the balance, wouldn't it be nice to consult a second opinion without upsetting your highly paid and trusted pedigree advisor?


This quandary is the core of Sid Fernando's burgeoning company But don't worry; this equine version of eHarmony comes without the annoying theme song about everlasting love. Instead, when you go to, you are met with the expertise of some of the top pedigree experts from around the world. From U.S. notables Jack Werk, John Sparkman, Frank Mitchell and Mr. Fernando himself, to Japan's Shin Hikita, Australia's Kristen Manning to South Africa's Karel Miedema and Argentina's Diego Mitagstein, the spectrum of pedigree analysts offered by this only-on-the-web innovation is quite impressive.


The process is quite simple too, even for those who are not as computer literate as they'd like to be. Simply click the Order Now button on the top bar of the webpage and follow the directions. At the end of your journey, you will have a list of five stallions that your selected expert will have suggested as good matings for your mare. Even better, the process only costs $150, a welcome price point for these difficult economic times.


So how can you get five recommendations from these well regarded pedigree experts at a price 3-4 times less than they would normally charge? Call this the Twitter of pedigree analysis. For your small investment, you will receive a paragraph or two on five different stallions instead of a long, in-depth analysis on a single mating.


“There's a standard form on there,” Sid Fernando said to the Paulick Report. “Our experts don't have to sit there and do a long paper. [There's no] back up work with a ten-page summary.”


What if you don't want your current analyst to know you are courting another lover's embrace? No worries, eMatings is completely anonymous and discreet. While you do get to choose your analyst, the expert side has no idea who you are so they will not be influenced by past relationships or other biases.


The launch of eMatings began in May of last year, poor timing for a breeding service. But it has allowed the website to learn slowly how to implement Fernando's concept. And it hasn't slowed down Fernando, a former bloodstock editor at Daily Racing Form.


“It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or have been breeding horses for a long time,” Fernando said. “The Internet changed the way we research and do business, and now it's expected that we can get information quickly, affordably and privately.”


Horse breeding is one of those professions that has had a hard time figuring out how to use the Internet as an effective tool to do smarter and larger business. So when an innovation like eMatings comes around, it's important that we celebrate the ingenuity behind this site. This is clearly a business model that should be considered by many in the industry. For a sport that is often behind the curve on technology, it's always good news when someone pushes the borders of what is possible.

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