The Friday Show Presented By Cal Racing Cares: Lessons From Old Del Mar?

by | 11.10.2017 | 12:52am
Inaugurated in 1984, the Breeders' Cup has undergone several changes over the years and now consists of 13 races over two days with $28 million in purse money and awards

Hosting a Breeders' Cup at a new venue always brings some trepidation, but the racing industry has just completed the task twice in the last three years — Keeneland in 2015 and Del Mar this year. So where do these Breeders' Cup editions stack up?

In the latest version of The Friday Show, Scott Jagow and Ray Paulick discuss what they learned from the first World Championships at Del Mar, plus how it relates to the context of Breeders' Cup history.

Also, some observations about what happened on the track, in the grandstands and at the windows, and what it means for the Pegasus World Cup.

Enjoy this edition of The Friday Show presented by Cal Racing Cares and share your thoughts below.

  • Michael Castellano

    Sorry for asking a loaded question, but I’d be interested to hear what anyone thinks of the number of bombs that came in at this BC, and whether that in any way may relate to the new testing regime for EPOs which included random pre-race testing? On another note, shows you what a difference overcrowding did to handle in previous years. I remember the days when you faced those lines at any major track on Saturday and even Sunday. Had to get on line 10 – 15 minutes before post. This shows that more can = less.

    • Tinky

      It won’t surprise you to learn that I do suspect a connection.

      And on a related note, how is possible that Todd Pletcher had only three entrants, two of which were rank outsiders?

      Three? It’s not so uncommon for him to run that many in the Derby alone!

      • Michael Castellano

        It’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room I guess. Interesting that Chad Brown did well and some of the other big names did not. Hope to see an increased use in this sort of testing.

        • gus stewart

          If u have the well bred stock ur going to do well. But others who use meds to move horses up were out of gas because of better testing

          • Michael Castellano

            Exactly, and we know whom they are.

          • Tango F

            they didn’t do well, did they? ;-)

          • dan gable

            Then why did P Miller win two races? Doesn’t fly.

          • Michael Castellano

            Because the horses ran well enough without any “help”?

          • dan gable

            You obviously don’t follow California racing.

          • Chas Smash

            Jesus Christ, Gus – do you ever post anything that makes sense???

  • really?

    Someone told me this year is the first to count phone wagering made while on track was counted as on track handle where it was not in previous years-can you verify?

  • Barry

    World Approval was my only lock this year so I’m happy he came through.

  • David Worley

    Good show. I agree with everything that was said except Scott’s point about the Classic. My succinct counter argument to a speed favoring track (during that race) is that you don’t have enough data to make that claim. I think the more plausible theory is that the strongest contenders in this race disproportionately skewed to front runners. Take Arrogate out of the mix and name for me horses that you thought really might be flying in the stretch? My one exception was Churchill (whom I bet) who was an X factor having not run on dirt.

    Thanks again for a great 10 minute show on my Friday morning.

    • Tango F

      Good Magic came from off the pace – did the track magically change in between?
      So, yes, you ARE taking away from Gun Runner. So sad.

  • gus stewart

    Guys the bottom line on why handle was up is because of the location is smack in the middle of a very wealthy area from encintas to solana beach, Rancho santa fe. Not the windows or lines yes the irs deal helped

    • Tango F

      part of the reason they limited attendance – the wealthy don’t like to stand in lines ;-0

    • Ryan Farnsley

      70 percent of the people at the track were from out of state

  • Mike

    BCBC record participation.

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