The Friday Show: Wild And Crazy Predictions For 2017

by | 12.16.2016 | 9:11am

If there's one thing predictable about the business of horse racing, it's that it's unpredictable.

But in this edition of The Friday Show, Scott Jagow and Ray Paulick look into their crystal balls to come up with some things that might possibly happen in 2017 (read: never in a million years).

Enjoy this holiday edition of The Friday Show from the Paulick Report.

  • Jbumi

    Enjoy the holidays, guys! See you next year!! 😸 🏇🏿

  • sgvoak

    I predict that the europeans that need a prep for dubai come run on the dirt for 12million and pegasus. And wins. Sorry chromies arogate.

    • Rideonruffian


  • David Worley

    I predict that the 2017 Kentucky Derby winner will NOT come from California for the first time since Orb in 2013. A bonus prediction is that the east coast TB press will wet themselves over this new ‘super’ horse.

  • Audrey Gulla

    Your predictions were hilarious! Each successive one out doing the one previous! My favorite though is lining the breeding shed totally in mirrors! Too funny! I wish you both & everyone @PR & your families a very happy holiday & happy New year. …..See you next year! :).

  • Rideonruffian

    Not necessarily “wild” predictions, but I have a few:

    A colt will win two legs of the Triple Crown: most likely the infamous Derby/Preakness double.
    A filly/mare will run in the BCC.
    A colt won’t win the BCC.
    A female will be Horse of the Year.

  • Cuffdaddy

    I predict that in 2017 Tinky will unveil his/her/alien true identity and, this one is crazy, he/her/alien will also be admit to being wrong about a horse racing subject while smiling or if alien bending his antenna forward as a sign of humility.

  • stan

    I predict that Aqueduct will run a race with more than six horses.

    • I’m watching


  • Robin

    Loved the tongue in cheek predictions. Happy Holidays.

  • Figless

    I predict the 2016 Breeders Cup Sprint purse will be distributed to the 2017 winner. Seriously, what is the underlying story here?

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