Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Mother’s Love

by | 03.29.2016 | 1:54pm
A. K. A. Xe nuzzles her colt by Paynter

One of the first things a mare does after her foal is born is to groom him from head to toe, serving two purposes. First, the mare's licking tongue cleans the amniotic fluid from the foal, especially vital around the nostrils and eyes. Second, it begins the process of bonding between the mare and foal. Recumbency develops almost immediately, an instinct in the mare that encourages protective behavior of the foal during the early weeks of its life when it is most vulnerable.

Thanks to our sponsor Merck Animal Health, this week's mothers can be seen caring for their young foals. The group features the first foals of Mucho Macho Man, Noble Mission, Will Take Charge, and Can the Man, as well as those of Uncle Mo, More Than Ready, Elusive Quality, Animal Kingdom, Quality Road, Point of Entry, Street Sense, and Paynter.

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Colt born 2/5/16 at Sagamore Farm

Sire: Unclo Mo

Dam: Hit Squad (More Than Ready)


Colt born 3/23/16 at Sagamore Farm

Sire: More Than Ready

Dam: Salsa Star (Giant's Causeway)


Colt born 3/25/16 at Darley

Sire: Elusive Quality

Dam: Kunooz (Hard Spun)


Colt born 3/18/16 at Dunwoody Farm in Kentucky

Sire: Animal Kingdom

Dam: Larking (Pulpit)


Colt born 3/27/16 at Woodford Thoroughbreds in Kentucky

Sire: Mucho Macho Man

Dam: Interlocking (Awesome Again)


Filly born 3/1/16 at Woodford Thoroughbreds

Sire: Mucho Macho Man

Dam: Rite Moment (Vicar)


Colt born 3/5/16 at Lane's End

Sire: Noble Mission

Dam: Trappings (Seeking the Gold)


Filly born 3/5/16 at Lane's End

Sire: Noble Mission

Dam: Bromelia (Unbridled's Song)


Filly born 2/1/16 at Mill Ridge Farm

Sire: Quality Road

Dam: Turns My Head (Montjeu)

Turns My Head

Filly born 2/12/16 at Mill Ridge Farm

Sire: Will Take Charge

Dam; Trip for A.J. (Trippi)

Trip For A.J.

Filly born 2/17/16 at Mill Ridge Farm

Sire: Point of Entry

Dam: De Aar (Gone West)

De Aar

Filly born 2/15/16 at Mill Ridge Farm

Sire: Street Sense

Dam: Fastbridled (Unbridled's Song)


Colt born 3/24/16 at WinStar Farm

Sire: Paynter

Dam: A. K. A. Xe (Indian Ocean)


Filly born 3/5/16

Sire: Can the Man

Dam: Oceanic Queen (Invasor)



Correction: An early version of this feature had the incorrect name of the dam of the Can the Man filly

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