Around The Track Podcast Presented By Taylor Made: The Versatile Vic Stauffer

by | 06.28.2017 | 11:29am
Vic Stauffer

There are few jobs left in horse racing Vic Stauffer hasn't done.

Enthralled by the sport at an early age, Stauffer skipped high school so he could make the racetrack life his own. From hotwalker to chart caller to jockey's agent, Vic tried everything, all the while focused on his true love of announcing the races. That dream came true as well. Stauffer made a name for himself calling fan favorite Zenyatta, a race in the middle of an earthquake and the final, sad day at Hollywood Park.

The latter devastated him to the point of almost giving up his passion, but he's back as the announcer at Oaklawn Park and has also recently become one of the country's top players in handicapping tournaments.

In this edition of Around the Track, Stauffer shares emotional memories from Hollywood Park, gives us a taste of what it means to be an agent and a steward, and reveals what makes him a successful horseplayer. Plus, how did he come to own part of a baseball team?

You can listen to Around the Track, hosted by Scott Jagow, below but you can also download it to your phone and listen at your convenience. It's available on iTunes, on android phones with the easy-to-use Horse Radio Network app, and other podcast apps.

  • Gerard

    Best, most exciting race caller in the game today….bar none!

    • Ky Race Fan


  • Lyle P Logan

    I guess I just learned something. “Success as a horseplayer” means the same thing as “trail of unpaid gambling debts everywhere he’s had to leave.” Don’t have the time to listen to the podcast and learn that great “secret” though — darn!!

  • whirlaway

    I always enjoyed Vic and missed him not calling. Glad he was back at Oaklawn. He certainly
    has done a wide variety of jobs in horse racing and experienced a great deal now tournaments.

  • We’re watching

    We need more truly passionate race tracker with courage and honesty.
    I have a many more favorite callers than him, but respect his pathway of life.

  • GloriaU

    Great interview. Wow, Vic’s done it all. He’s got some great stories. Getting teary-eyed while listening to him talk about Zenyatta. And laughing at his telling the story about calling a race in the middle of an earthquake. Back to tears in hearing the call of the last race run at Hollywood Park. Good stuff. Thank you for posting this.

    P. S. Psst, Vic! Forget the blogs (after you read this, of course)! You’re better than that. ;)

    Another P.S. Props to Scott Jagow, the host (this was my first listen to a podcast here). He listened when his guest was speaking and didn’t spend the hour interrupting. God, I hate when that happens. This was a pleasure to listen to.

  • High Yield

    What a fantastic announcer! One of my all time favorites. Horse racing has a big void without Mr. Staffer calling horse races. So glad Oaklawn sees the benefit of having him in the booth.

  • Noelle

    Once again, the PR gives us the story of a unique individual succeeding as an individual.

    All you reflexive Democrats out there buying the leftist agenda – think about it.

    Compassion is great – my church, the Catholic church – is very good at compassion. The “church” of the federal government? Not so much, nor would I want it to be. The Constitution does NOT make us recipients of some artificially created national charity.

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