Around The Track Podcast Presented By Taylor Made: Tales From Julie Krone

by | 10.12.2017 | 11:18am
Krone doesn't ride as much anymore but remains involved in horsemanship

Julie Krone's earliest memories all contain horses, and her devotion to understanding the animal helped her become one of the greatest jockeys of all time, not to mention a pioneering athlete who was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

In this episode of Around the Track, Krone tells of her rough-and-tumble early days (fighting a male jockey), shares how she re-taught a racehorse in nine minutes before a race, talks about what she had to learn before going on David Letterman and discusses how she recovered from the emotional and physical torment caused by injuries. Plus, more tales from her storied career.

Also, an update on the aid efforts in Florida and the Caribbean for people and horses in need after storm devastation.

You can listen to Around the Track hosted by Scott Jagow from the player below or you can download it to your phone and listen at your convenience. It's available on iTunes, on android phones with the easy-to-use Horse Radio Network app, and other podcast apps.

  • Tim

    Love this podcast, work is so much more tolerable while listening.. can’t do them more frequently? Almost a month between last one and this one.

    • Thanks, Tim. Usually twice a month. An episode was postponed because of the hurricane.

  • Tinky

    A few observations:

    Excellent job, Scott, and particularly in giving Julie plenty of rein!

    The anecdote about teaching the horse during the post parade is priceless, and underscores her brilliance as a horsewoman.

    It was no accident that some of the very best of the horsemen of the day supported her strongly, including Jerkens, Mott, Sheppard, Dick Durrow, etc.

    A strong argument could be made that Julie is the greatest female athlete in history, given her accomplishments against her male counterparts, and on a level playing field.

  • McGov

    I don’t usually spend time on audio interviews…I usually prefer to read or watch/listen.
    But I’m pretty sure I could listen to Julie Krone ALL DAY :)
    Best female jockey I’ve ever seen. Most adorable, I’ve HEARD ;)
    Thanks so much for doing this interview!

  • Don Martello

    The year was 1987 Julie was racing at Belmont . My one and only horse took a bad step at Aquiduct after his sixth start. I decided to lay him up for six months and avoid surgery. I went to the jockey’s room to pick up my silks and Julie was standing there and I mentioned I came to pick my silks and take my horse home with me, she said ‘ I don’t blame you’. He lived to be twenty- seven and became a nice little show horse. She reinforced my belief I was doing the right thing. Thank you Julie.

    • Tango F

      She has always loved the horses dearly, and was one of those people who would engage in polite conversation no matter how many races she rode.

  • Manefan

    That was fun to listen to

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