Around The Track Podcast Presented By Taylor Made: Life And Times With ‘The Mig’

by | 07.10.2017 | 3:38pm
Richard Migliore

There's no question Richard Migliore laid it all on the line when he rode racehorses.

Nicknamed “The Mig” after the Russian fighter jet for his tenacity on the track, Migliore was known for his fearless riding style and fearlessness off the track as well. Despite coming within millimeters of being paralyzed or killed, The Mig never quit and made almost miraculous recoveries, displaying a resilience born of his undying passion for the sport.

A well-liked and respected rider, Migliore gained more fans as a TV analyst for the New York Racing Association, a job he stepped away from over the weekend to spend more time with his family on their farm in upstate New York.

In this edition of Around the Track from Belmont Park, Migliore shares stories about his favorite horses, the devastating injuries and comebacks and his appreciation for the people on the backstretch and the racetrack life.

You can listen to Around the Track, hosted by Scott Jagow, below but you can also download it to your phone and listen at your convenience. It's available on iTunes, on android phones with the easy-to-use Horse Radio Network app, and other podcast apps.

  • Con MacCarthy

    Great interview and insight into the peaks and valleys Richie sustained in his career. Best regards in future endeavors.

  • Pete Sundar

    Still can’t believe Richie left voluntarily. I don’t know of anyone in the industry who epitomizes more class or love of horses that the “Mig”. And he truly loves Saratoga, so why would he leave when the spa is about to open and which is within walking distance from his house ? I have seen Richie hundred of times at Aqueduct – he always had a smile on his face and would stop and banter with anyone who approaches him. At least we still have his wonderful twitter feed to enjoy. Happy trails Mig !!

    • Tinky

      You don’t understand where he lives, nor the details of the contracts.

      • Pete Sundar

        ..thanks for straightening me out, professor !!

        • Tinky

          Anytime, kid.

  • Legend

    Cngrts Mig all the best to your next future Job, you deserve the best. Great Friend. Remember still the days when you work very hard for. Me. Dimauro. Blessing 👍🙏

  • Manefan

    Mr. Migliore must be one of the most enjoyable interviewees. I could hear his smile through the whole interview. Forthcoming, rich historical recounts, and a very decent man. I’ve not looked into his background before so, I appreciate your interview, Scott, you lucky dog.

  • Kathy Baldwin

    I love this guy! Richard Migliore is a good hearted and high minded family man. Miss seeing him race ride and I will miss seeing him on TV, but wish him much peace and happiness with his family
    on their ranch. :)

  • Richard Grubb

    Great interview. I can certainly relate to the mental and physical strain at having to maintain an exact weight day in and day out. It can be all consuming. Best of luck in the future.

  • Genellen

    A great interview with a great guy. Manefan is right that you can hear him smiling throughout. I will really miss him on Saratoga Live, but I wish him all the best in the future.

    Thanks, Scott, for these interviews. Very enjoyable.

  • Noelle

    If a guy like Mig came onto the scene today, and if the Democrats achieve their ambition to control and manage every human action from cradle to grave, there would be no Mig, there would be no individual initiative, there would be no initiative of any sort at all.

    We would all wait for Big Brother to tell us what to do and tell us how we might acceptably progress into whatever future Big Brother considered acceptable.

    Mig didn’t have an easy life. But what he had was good life, a life he made for himself out of what was available to him.

    If the government had been involved, as so many lefties today want it to be at every level of our lives today, think about every stage of Mig’s life. No doubt he’d never have raced, his horses would never have won, and he’d not be in position to create the good life he is now creating for himself.

  • Noelle

    Just found time to listen to this interview. I love Mig, he’s a wonderful, credible commentator – which so many who blab on TV aren’t.

    And isn’t it remarkable? Mig made it on talent and guts. He wasn’t of legal age at the time, but he persevered. An American who found his way through the morass of modern regulations…. what a great guy!

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