Around The Track Podcast Presented By Taylor Made: Getting To Know Ray Paulick

by | 06.01.2017 | 1:35pm

In the latest edition of the Around the Track podcast, we go behind the scenes of the Paulick Report and learn more about the life and career of its founder, Ray Paulick.

From his days trying to make it as a golf pro to writing for Jimmy the Greek to the daily double that burned down a racetrack, Ray shares stories from the good old days. Plus, how do the Paulick Report's investigative pieces come together? Find out more about the leg work required in some cases (hint: there's a car chase involved).

You can listen to Around the Track, hosted by Scott Jagow, below but you can also download it to your phone and listen at your convenience. It's available on iTunes, on android phones with the easy-to-use Horse Radio Network app, and other podcast apps.

  • greg

    I wonder if I would have to pay to read this on the DRF site, hhhmmm LOL

  • Racing Fan

    Word on the street is Ray’s golf handicap has drifted to the teens…

  • Barry

    Great interview, thank you!

  • Hamish

    Ray Paulick: “The Greeks” guy. That’s cool!

  • billy

    Great story guys, love your hard work and the way you guys aren’t afraid to talk about anything and everything I believe your forcing the industry to realize it’s problems and will face things head on when others just turn a cheek….ray I just can’t see you as a prius guy

  • Noelle

    Ray,, why am I not surprised you drive a Prius? You are such a lefty,

    Nevertheless, I am a fan.

    Maybe I’ve told you how I came to be a regular PR reader? Around the time I started reading racing news online, I saw a Secretariat video in which you were interviewed. In that ESPN Sport Century show, you said the first thing you did after moving to Kentucky was to go to Claiborne Farm to see Secretariat.

    I figured that since you had your priorities in such good order, you might be trustworthy for news. So far, so good.

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