Commenting Policies

  1. We welcome and encourage comments from our community of readers. However, the ability to comment on stories is a privilege rather than a right and may be revoked or suspended at the discretion of the editorial staff.
  2. Comments containing profane language or obscene content will be edited with a notation or deleted entirely. Comments containing racist, sexist or discriminatory language will be deleted in their entirety and the user's ability to comment on stories may be revoked.
  3. If a link is embedded in a comment, our system will automatically hold it for editorial approval as part of its spam detection system. We will manually approve comments containing links if they are not spam, solicitations, or links to petition sites.
  4. Comments of a libelous nature (comments which accuse an individual of illegal action) will be removed.
  5. Users commenting under multiple aliases or using multiple email addresses will be banned, regardless of the content they post.
  6. Users posing as prominent figures in the industry will be banned, regardless of the content of their comments.
  7. Disagreements happen, especially on heated topics, but comments attacking other users or name-calling will be deleted.
  8. Comments which are not relevant to the stories on which they are posted, or to the discussion threads on that story (i.e., random exclamations about politics or religion on stories which are not remotely connected to either) will be removed. Repeated such comments which clearly drive an agenda will be marked as spam.
  9. The “flag” option is only to be used when a comment violates our policies. Flagging a comment because a user disagrees with it and not because it violates our policies is considered abusive. Users engaging in abusive flagging of comments will be banned, regardless of the content they post themselves.
  10. If unsure about whether the content of a comment aligns with these guidelines, consider whether you would turn pink if your grandmother read it. If the answer is yes, it might be time to take a walk around the block.
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