Inside the Paulick Report: Mary Makes Four-ney

by Brad Cummings | June 7, 2011 12:28 pm

A month ago, the Paulick Report proudly announced its latest full-time hire in former NPR radio host Scott Jagow, who decided to drop his promising career in Los Angeles for the horse racing industry. We still don't know if there was something in the water he was drinking, but really, what other explanation could there be for that move?

In all seriousness, we couldn't be happier to move Scott from weekend editor to a full-time position, but that left a hole on Saturdays and Sundays (when Ray needs his beauty sleep). We tried to get his dog Spud to take the spot but he had conflicts with his schedule (the weekend graded stakes hit during dinner and naptime) and so we were in a mad scramble to find a replacement.

That's when we received an email from Mary Forney, who was letting us know that she was a victim of staff downsizing at the Thoroughbred Owners of California. After a half-second of thought, we decided to offer Mary the weekend editor job and to the benefit of the Paulick Report and our audience, she accepted immediately. We look forward to having someone of Mary's caliber and experience joining the Paulick Report (finally someone of repute will have a say here) and hope to see her role evolve as we continue to grow.

About Mary Forney

Mary Forney has been involved in the business of Thoroughbred horse racing for more than 25 years, including positions with the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association, the California HBPA, Santa Anita Racetrack, and the Thoroughbred Owners of California. She currently writes and publishes a blog dedicated to showcasing California Thoroughbred racing.  A magna cum laude graduate of California State University Los Angeles, she holds a BA in Sociology with an Emphasis in Law and Society. In 2006, Mary was named “Outstanding Woman in Thoroughbred Horse Racing” by the California State Assembly.  She serves on the boards of California's Winners' Foundation and the California Thoroughbred Horsemen's Foundation.

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