Zipse: Maybe racing should use a BCS system to determine HOY

by | 12.04.2011 | 12:37pm

Like many racing fans, HRN's Brian Zipse is frustrated over how the Horse of the Year vote is decided, and he offers some food for thought on a possible point-based system similar to the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) used in college football.

The system might use a statistical rating system that consists of the subjective polls of the NTRA, an industry ‘straw poll,' and computer rankings. Is it possible that such a system might even encourage owners of the nation's top horses to consider more match-ups?

What do you think is the answer?

  • Sinking Ship

    I’ll bet Zipse would change his tune if he were one of the Eclipse Award voters.

  • Janice Palmer

    I believe voters need to get together and establish guidelines/criteria, regardless how short the list. For example, to be eligible for HOY a thoroughbred must have competed in at least two Grade I’s, must have competed in two or more races in our country, etc. Having no criteria to guide them only makes the task harder. That being said, however, I’m surmising more times than naught, the voters get it right, and I think they probably will get it right again this year.

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