They’re in the Gate: Would’ve been nice to hear Collmus

by | 05.09.2011 | 7:14am

The They're in the Gate blog assesses the good and bad of NBC's Kentucky Derby coverage.  Positive points go to the broadcast crew and NBC's production values, but the audio on the Derby was frustrating to say the least:

“The call by Larry Collmus was actually pretty good, that is if you could actually hear it. I only know what he said because I played it over a couple times on the NBC Sports Website. Collmus followed the golden rule of calling every horse in the field and their position by the first turn, he correctly noticed Animal Kingdom's move down the final stretch, called him the winner smoothly right before the line and than quickly called out the 2nd-4th finishers seconds after.

But let's be honest, who really heard the call? Watching live on NBC all I could hear was an annoying echo combination of Collmus and Churchill Tracks announcer Mark Johnson in the background. Try explaining to the casual fan why two announcers are calling the race at the same time with one slightly louder than the other.”

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