Moran: ‘Grim business’ of slaughter goes on, with or without Congress

by | 12.16.2011 | 7:34am

In citing several recent examples of racehorses being saved from kill buyers, Paul Moran weighs in on the horse slaughter issue for ESPN New York:

“For those involved in the thankless, never-ending effort to save the magnificent animals who have stood alongside humans at every stage of an intimately shared history, who recognize the importance of this work and the enormity of this bond, a relationship of which those currently in the Congress of the United States and the White House are profoundly ignorant, the sheer volume of horses at dire risk is overwhelming.”

“Those climbing this seemingly insurmountable incline share an appreciation of the timeless relationship between human and horse that spans the entire evolutionary spectrum. At this point, all things considered, one wonders which specie is more evolved.”

  • Rosette

    Thank You! Paul Moran! For sure those in the White House are profoundly ignorant!Horses here are unfit for any consumption due to the meds they receive and their place of origen cannot be traced like our meat animals.

    See a recent article on a inside investigation of Temple Grandins desingned horse slaughter plant in Quebec,discusting and very inhumane!  See: Videos are graphic…………….

    Another site showing how inhumane horse slaughter was when here in the USA that has a wealth of info obtained by useing the FOIA,via ouir own USDA that still turns theri head knowing darn well a majority of horses are unfit for consumption.

    Again graphic photos.

  • mark

    It is obvious that Mr Moran is no stranger to ignorance and hyperbole. With the bucket of squat he just threw at us, one would think he is running for public office himself.  It is amazing the volume of ignorance that has flooded in on this topic. Why do ESPN reporters insist on spewing forth their ignorant opinions. Doesn’t ESPN have ANY standards?  Best to leave this issue up to the horse men and women who do know something of which they speak rather than Paul Moran’s type of uninformed drivel.

  • Rachel

    Mark, what drivel? He told the stories of actual horses abandoned by their trainers and owners to the killers.

    I know who Paul Moran is: “Paul Moran is a two-time winner of the Media Eclipse Award, and has received various honors from the Long Island Veterinary Medical Association, National Association of Newspaper Editors, Society of Silurians, Long Island Press Club. He also has been given the Red Smith Award for his coverage of the Kentucky Derby.”

    Who are you? and why do hate people who are against killing race horses once their careers are over?

  • My hat is off to Paul Moran, for speaking out on a hot topic most others skirt around.

  • Joe

    Ignorance and hyperbole? Paul Moran names facts, horses and people. He
    spoke the ugly truth and so did people he quoted. Things are not like they used to be when the industry owned and censured the racing press and everyone inside racing obeyed the evil code of silence. Deputy Broad finished
    last at Mountaineer on 7/11/11 and was slaughtered at Richelieu Meats in
    Canada on 7/19/11. Who knows what substances and chemical residues he may have had in his system? On its corporate page, that particular meat
    packer claims to breed its own animals and only selling premium hormone and drug-free meats. Really? (although in its horse meat page it mentions that it buys most horses at US auctions) Did Richelieu know what, how much and when Danny Bird
    gave Deputy Broad during the last month of his life? No one knows, no one wants to know,
    especially inside horse racing.

  • Jo Anne Normile

    Thank you, Mr. Moran, for factually exposing that race tracks that have
    issued pressreleases that brag of their no slaughter policies and tracks
    such as FingerLakes have retirement programs that protect all of the horses
    that have racedthere are MYTHS. Those of us who constantly rescue racing’s
    horses from killbuyers, auctions and feed lots know this first hand (and at
    personal financialloss) and we need help in dispelling these deceptions. I
    can’t even getspecifics from any track on just HOW these plans work nor will
    any track tellyou the precise amount they donate to the “aftercare”
    program(s) theylist nor will they allow annual numbers and names of horses
    that have been thusretired so breeders and previous owners who do care about
    their horses can findthem.

    Don’t expect NYRA to step in! Their
    track record is a bit embarrassing. Look whathappened months after they
    issued their FIRST no slaughter policy in 2009!Ooops! A quick change in
    their wording after they snared a racing trainer whojust happened to be the
    brother of NYRA’s Racing Secretary, P.J. Campo! Nowthat he’s safe, have they
    changed the wording back again to “diectly orindirectly” until the need to
    scuttle that once again? Excerpt below:


    “The New
    York Racing Association enacted an anti-slaughter policy in December
    2009stating that any owner or trainer stabled at one of its three tracks
    found tohave directly or indirectly sold a horse for slaughter would have
    his or herstalls permanently revoked from all NYRA

    “Last summer, following an investigation into a horse
    trained by John Campo that hadbeen discovered at the Camelot horse auction
    in Cranbury, New Jersey, and thatwas nearly shipped to a slaughterhouse,
    NYRA changed the wording of its policyfrom “directly or indirectly” to
    “knowingly” selling a horse for slaughter.Campo’s brother is NYRA Racing
    Secretary P. J. Campo.”

  • Ann M. Marini, Ph.D., M.D.

    American horses are NOT raised for food.  American horses are given all sorts of drugs including drugs banned in food-producing animals, including horses.  Our study proved that American Thoroughbred horses sent to slaughter for human consumption were given the banned drug phenylbutazone.  

    Horse slaughter is inhumane, cruel and horrific.  No horse deserves to be in a kill box.  It is UNAMERICAN and a gap in FOOD SAFETY to send American horses to slaughter just to grease the greedy palm of those who only care about MONEY.

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