Lynch: If you haven’t been to a Kentucky horse sale, you ain’t never been nowhere

by | 12.23.2011 | 7:07am

Dennis Lynch, an account executive with Fasig-Tipton in Lexington, writes an amusing guest blog post for Filson Life, well-known purveyors of outdoor clothing, extolling the charms of Kentucky Thoroughbred horse auctions.

With his own brand of southern humor, Lynch compares Thoroughbred yearlings at auction to the fashion industry's runway models – calling a yearling sale in Kentucky an experience “more exciting, interesting and a helluva lot more fun than a fancy-schmancy fasion show in Milan, Paris or New York.

“The characters you will find in the barn and sales arena rival anything in the fertile imagination of Damon Runyon.  Names like ‘Snake,' ‘Raggedy Ass Dilger,' ‘Smiley Pete,' ‘Indian Charlie,' ‘One-eyed-Pat,' ‘The Cornbread Mafia,' ‘Bad Cat Sweezey,' ‘Baby Head,' ‘Snitch Jr.' and The English gentleman Sir Robert Phillip Terence Collier (a.k.a. ‘Cocktail Clarence') are just a few that will wander into your sights while just sitting on a bench watching the activity,” writes Lynch.

If that doesn't pique the interest of those multi-pocket vest-wearing, hunting rifle toting, fishing rod wielding outdoorsmen, I don't know what will!

  • Ls9495

    Just got finished reading Mr.Finney’s book for the third time. Having bought and sold horses at the sales for more than 30 years; it still is the third most exciting experience (I’ll leave the first two to your imagination). Some of the faces and friends are gone but the action remains the same. I miss Ralph Reitler, Laddie Dance, Charlie Richardson and others but just like a yearling crop new characters are arriving on the scene daily.

    So as 6o approaches, I’ll wear an extra layer for January and welcome the fact that I won’t have to sweat through the July sale but all in all I wouyldn’t trade it for…..well, I’m a horse trader.


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