CanGamble: NYRA error could prove positive in the end

by | 12.28.2011 | 2:35pm

The blog CanGamble suggests NYRA's oversight regarding exotic betting takeout over a 15-month period could actually be a positive turning point for the industry.  CanGamble's theory – NYRA probably lost out overall because horseplayers used up their bankrolls more quickly, but horseplayers saw little individual financial loss:

“So going forward, this faux pas by NYRA has resulted in a takeout reduction. A forced experiment which may lead to further reductions, not just by NYRA but other tracks as well. Churn will now increase and along with that, player satisfaction is about to rise.”

“I'm not defending the mistake at all, but I hope NYRA handle starts showing tremendous increases. It will be great for the game if that happens.”

  • Michael Arndt

    The best thing happening at NYRA and other tracks with growing slot revenue is that all the slot money will allow them to stop being held hostage by “Whales” demanding rebates on their wagering action. The weekend player may finally not have to play all weekend against bettors paying half the takeout the small fry do.

  • LongGoneFan

    That is the point that racing’s loser can’t seem to learn. You DO NOT have to pay 1/4 of each wager just to bet. When these addicts learn that they will drop this industry like any thieving lowlife and move on to action elsewhere that gives one a sporting chance. 95% losers daily says it all…

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