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‘You Have To Learn How To Lose’: Disappointment A Familiar Friend For Horse Trainers

“I’ve got a lot of experience with disappointments. This game will do that to you.” –  Mel Stute, retired horse trainer Mr. Horse Trainer, please sit down. We’d like you to meet Mr. Big Disappointment.  You two are going to be running mates – probably for the rest of your lives. In the very nature […]

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McBride: Commonly Named Mike Smith One Of A Kind In Thoroughbred Racing

Here’s an easy one for most folks: What’s the most common last name in America?  Bet you didn’t even have to Google that one (though you can and they’ll confirm it).  Sure, it’s Smith. The U.S. Census Bureau lists the top surnames in its every-decade-report: Smith is first, again and again and again. Naturally enough, […]

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100 Years Of Del Mar: Read, Davis Ride Off Into The Sunset

Del Mar has a reputation as the kind of place that once you come give it a try, you’re not likely to leave. Tim Read and Leon Davis will testify to that, though they might tweak the thought slightly to say you’re not likely to leave for a very – long – time. These two […]

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Three Special Guys Have Built – And Left – Their Marks On Del Mar

Forty-six years ago Del Mar started a Pick 3 that paid dividends over and over again. This year the three men who made that Pick 3 work are cashing in. Come next month, Robert Sanchez, David Martinez and Gerald (Corky) Riner are hanging up their work boots after giving the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club – […]

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The Master Of Glen Hill Loved His Time At Del Mar Best Of All

They’re running the 73rd edition of the Del Mar Derby Sunday. Leonard Lavin would have enjoyed that. In fact, the only thing the late business titan and master of one of the sport’s most successful and enduring single owner/operator racing and breeding outfits would have enjoyed more was if he had a horse in action […]

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The ‘Cajun Connection’ At Del Mar Has Tales To Tell

Cajun: An ethnic group mainly living in southwest Louisiana consisting of the descendants of Acadian exiles (French-speakers from what now is Nova Scotia) who have exerted an enormous impact on the state’s music, food and culture – Wikipedia Anyone who follows U.S. racing knows about the Cajuns and their imprint on the game. The horsemen […]

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‘That’s What I’m Here For’: Doc Stead Makes His Rounds Before The Horses Get To Run

Dr. Dana Stead is bending down. He does a lot of that. He’s bending over the right front leg of a Thoroughbred racehorse on the backstretch at Del Mar at 6:40 on a Thursday morning. After he finishes, he slides over and bends over the horse’s left front leg. He’ll do that again and again […]

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