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about 4 months ago
Opinion: Concern Over Fantasy Horse Racing Highlights Industry’s Ignorance Of Real Issues

In response to yesterday’s California Horse Racing Board meeting at which the concept of fantasy horse racing was deemed a threat, Dean Towers, author of the Pull the Pocket blog, raged that industry “big wigs … focus on these small silly issues because they have … Continue reading

PTP: Why ‘Asinine’ Breakage, Uncashed Ticket Policies Will Never Change

In his latest blog post, Pull The Pocket takes on a pair of longstanding policies in U.S. racing that end up taking money out of horseplayers’ wallets. For one, the rounding down of payouts, or breakage ($2.57 to $2.40 for example), and two, the … Continue reading

Pull the Pocket: 10 Things I Would Do as CEO of TVG

TVG has begun a search for its next CEO, now that Stephen Burn has resigned from the position. Racing blogger Pull the Pocket believes he has what it takes to run the ship, and in fact, has come up with … Continue reading

Pull The Pocket: The NFL and horse racing’s ecosystems

In the latest post at Pull The Pocket, the writer compares and contrasts the business ‘ecosystems’ behind horse racing and the National Football League. PTP writes that the NFL is a $9.5 billion business, which seems like a low dollar … Continue reading

Pull The Pocket: Racing knows low rake matters

While the research on lower takeout has been mixed at best, the long-running Pull The Pocket blog continues to pound the low percentage drum as a way to attract and keep horseplayers long term. Pointing to the large rebates offered … Continue reading

Pull the Pocket: ‘Why isn’t racing lobbying against online sports wagering?’

Online wagering in North America is a huge business, and because it is the only form of online gambling that is legal, horse racing has pretty much cornered the market on it. That may soon change, as states such as … Continue reading

Pull the Pocket: Kentucky Downs gets the model right

When Kentucky Downs announced their 2012 stakes schedule and race dates, they also announced several positive changes to their race meeting. Purses will be a hefty $409,000 per day; takeout rates will be cut, making them the lowest in North … Continue reading

Pull the Pocket: Hopping aboard ‘the lasix train’

In the newest posting at Pull the Pocket, the writer discusses the different mindsets between Thoroughbred trainers and Standardbred trainers when it comes to the use of Lasix. “If you speak to a harness trainer you’ll likely hear time and … Continue reading

Pull the Pocket: I’ll Have Another and public perception

Pull the Pocket addresses the scratch of I’ll Have Another from the Belmont and how rare an occurrence a scratch is for the type of injury I’ll Have Another was diagnosed with. Pull the Pocket writes: “Today, after the scratch … Continue reading

Pull the Pocket: Is televising Derby prep races worthwhile?

Cost per acquisition (CPA) is the measure of how much it costs to attract a new customer. When it comes to Derby prep races, writes Pull The Pocket, the cost per acquisition rate may not make televising these events worthwhile. … Continue reading

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