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Report: Middleburg Training Center Could Be Up For Sale Again, According To TRF

Virginia’s Middleburg Training Center, which has been for sale on and off in recent years, could soon go back on the market. The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation told Fauquier Times the group was given the facility by horseman Randy Rouse in December after it sat on the market for close to four years, but the aftercare organization […]

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Michael Blowen joins Scott Jagow on Around the Track
Around The Track Podcast Presented By Taylor Made: From Movie Stars To Racing Stars

Today, the Paulick Report launches the first episode of its new online radio show, the Around the Track Podcast presented by Taylor Made. On Around the Track, you’ll hear how personalities in the world of Thoroughbred racing got their starts, funny and poignant stories from their lives and careers, and discussion of issues important to the […]

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Perfect Drift and Goetz take California Chrome to the post in the 2014 Kentucky Derby
Lost And Found Presented By Horseware: Perfect Drift Keeps Busy In Retirement

Perfect Drift has never been the type of horse to sit around in a field during a sedentary retirement. After he left the track in 2008 at the age of nine, the multi-millionaire Dynaformer gelding spent some time as the resident Thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby Museum, but he was bored. He started to get […]

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Quick Fixes For Broken Fences

Whether it’s a fallen tree, nosy equines or even just neglect, fences always seem to fail at the least-opportune time. But it behooves farm owners to keep their fences in good repair; strong fences will reduce the risk of equine injury and keep horses where they belong. While we all know that it makes sense […]

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The colt who would become Charismatic, minutes after his birth in 1996
Eighteen Years After His Kentucky Derby, Charismatic ‘Belongs To All Of Us’

A little less than 21 years ago, in the middle of a March night, Parrish Hill star broodmare Bali Babe went into labor. It was a slightly dramatic affair, as the daughter of Drone was briefly cast in her stall after she delivered a golden-chestnut son of Summer Squall. According to Elizabeth Mitchell’s book, Three […]

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USDA Announces Changes Aimed At Ending Soring

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) today announced a final rule that includes changes that will help to protect horses from the cruel and inhumane practice known as soring and eliminate the unfair competitive advantage that sore horses have over horses that are not sore. The practice of […]

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USDA Releases Findings Of 2015 Equine Study: Many Horse Owners Aware Of EIA

The United States Department of Agtriculture’s National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) released the first report from its Equine 2015 study, Baseline Reference of Equine Health and Management in the United States, 2015. The Equine 2015 study is NAHMS’ third national study of the U.S. equine industry. As with NAHMS’ 1998 and 2005 equine studies, Equine 2015 […]

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How To Keep Older Horses Healthy

A better attention to nutrition detail and amazing advances in veterinary medicine have made it possible for many horses to live significantly longer lives; horses living into their 30s and even 40s is not as uncommon as it once was. While horses may be growing older longer, they still face the same issues no matter […]

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Flooring Key To Barn Aisle Safety

Good flooring in barn aisle ways is just as important as good footing in arenas—if not more so, as horses are passing in much tighter quarters, potentially with hazards like tack boxes, wheelbarrows, blankets and more scattered throughout. Barn aisles need to be easily cleanable and not slippery. In addition, they must be durable to […]

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Voss, Scheinman Give Paulick Report Unprecedented Eclipse Award Recognition

The Paulick Report ( on Wednesday became the first exclusively online publication to be represented by the winners in both writing categories of the Eclipse Awards, the most prestigious honors given annually in the North American Thoroughbred racing and breeding industries. Paulick Report features editor Natalie Voss was voted an Eclipse Award in the News […]

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