It’s a Cow! It’s a Quarter Horse! It’s…a Stakes-Placed Thoroughbred?

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Silvery Moon, a 2yo overo Thoroughbred colt, is trained by Mario Hofer in Germany Silvery Moon, a 2yo overo Thoroughbred colt, is trained by Mario Hofer in Germany

Silvery Moon, a rare overo Thoroughbred, finished second in the 1,400-meter Rennen Zweijährigen Trophy, a listed stakes at Köln in Germany on Saturday. The flashy colt tucked in behind the early leaders but could not catch winner Smoke on the Water at the wire, despite a late drive.

The Mario Hofer trainee has now started three times with two second-place finishes. His jockey was once again decked out in the custom silks made by owner Stall Paint Horse to match his coat.

Silvery Moon is a 2-year-old colt by I Was Framed, an 11-year-old stallion who is double registered with The Jockey Club and the American Paint Association.

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  • El Cab

    A closed stud book for over 200 years…amazing what crops up.

    • Quite_Contrary

      Not at all amazing. The overo genes are recessive. Tobiano gene is dominant. For a tobiano to crop out would be absolutely amazing. Would require a mutation.

  • Maureen Tierney

    It’s cool that he can run!

  • Kim Howell

    Changed leads two jumps before the wire and gained a haunch…nice colt!

  • perks

    jesus, the jock falls off and all those headers – everyone just stands there, no one helps him??? wth?

  • RedShoesGirl

    that riderless horse made me nervous, he kept stumbling. hope the jockey was ok.

  • LongTimeEconomist

    He’s certainly easy to spot in a crowded field.

  • Ida Lee

    Ok that’s it!! Silvery Moon is going to be the end of me…I must have him!!

  • Jamie Coughlin

    Actually overo is also dominant but it can be carried “silently” with little outward expression for one or many generations. It is a new world mutation and considering that the frame horses usually can be traced to a common ancestor that would fit a mutation. I’m not saying ALL of them because for all I know there are other families that live or lived in obscurity. I’m thrilled that this one can run a bit!!

  • nu-fan

    This horse would be great in TV commercials. Don’t know for what product but I would think that the TV audience would stop and pay attention to the fabulous visuals of this horse–and, that is half the battle for any TV spot: Get the audience’s attention. He’s almost mesmerizing to look at.

  • em88

    he should have won. Smoke on the Water bumps him at 1:02 in the video causing him to break stride.

  • Darcy Scudero

    All I see is already 3 starts at 2 :(

    • PomDeTerre

      I’m guessing- only a gues- that the other start was a maiden and he won it, otherwise I’d be questioning why he is running stakes.

      • Darcy Scudero

        No. still a maiden.

  • PomDeTerre


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