Lobbyists: What’s Next, Pari-Mutuel Cheese Rolling?

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A recent video released by No Casinos, a lobbying group against expanded gaming in the state of Florida, raised questions on Thursday as to what the next event will next be approved for pari-mutuel wagering in the state. After Gretna was given a “mysterious” license earlier this year for an unspecified set of events that likely include barrel racing, lobbyists wonder where the expansion will stop.

Among the possibilities: bog snorkeling, tail chasing, ferret legging, cheese rolling, and what appears to be competitive ironing.

“Why do the people who are supposed to regulate gambling make up nutty excuses to have more of it? Because they’re not very good regulators!” quips the video.

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  • pesposito

    I love it-great video! Hits the nail on the head!

  • Richard C

    There have been cases in the wacky world of lobbying that a “no expanded gaming” group is actually a front for gaming interests who want to KO competitors….and set the table for future passage of legislation that brings the stack of chips to them — only.

    • LongTimeEconomist

      Examples, please.

  • Swami7

    Not really a mystery…..they are obviously taking care of certain interests

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