Del Mar Diaries: The Jockeys, ‘Uncovered’

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Horse racing jockeys are some of the most finely-tuned athletes in the world. But like all professional athletes, they are people with lives outside of their game. It's just not that often you get to hear what jockeys are like away from the racetrack.

The Paulick Report went inside the jockey's room at Del Mar, as the racetrack celebrates its 75th anniversary, to learn more about the riders' lives when they're not gunning Thoroughbreds at 40 m.p.h.

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  • TBDancer

    “I don’t have a hand that big.” Thanks, Joe ;o) You made my day! (And for the record, I think it was Corey Nakatani who gave one of the TVG guys a golf lesson. This was years ago when I watched TVG a lot).

  • Monty Zuma

    The most honest comment Corey Nakatani has ever made, “I’d be in the stall, shoveling horse $#@!”

  • McGov

    Great piece.  Pretty funny stuff.

  • MA

    But he’s not just shoveling, he’s shoveling TO WIN!

  • JoJo Zumwalt

    I would go to see a fund raiser CA jockey golf tournament at Pebble Beach.

  • ShuveeIL

    Dear Joe Talamo:

    Some woman has to tell you this, might as well be me:

    It’s not the SIZE of the hand, it’s what you DO with it.

  • Ukdebbo

    LOL  Good one, Shuvee!

  • cheryl

    Great video-interesting and amusing ! THANKS

  • pinky

    You guys are the best….Mwah Mwah…luv u all!!

  • Youngster

    This was great! Nicely done!

  • Cheri vaughan

    What a pleasure to watch! Very fun. Thank you, Mr. Paulick.

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