Cibelli Case: Two Months and Counting

by | 04.01.2013 | 10:46am
Trainer Jane Cibelli
Trainer Jane Cibelli

It's been nearly two months since veterinarian Orlando Paraliticci was banned from the Tampa Bay Downs premises by track management because of an incident that took place at the barn of trainer Jane Cibelli. Paraliticci, known as Dr. O on the backside of the Oldsmar, Fla., racetrack, allegedly was observed injecting a horse's knee on the morning it was scheduled to race – a practice that is strictly prohibited.

But no stewards hearing has been scheduled for Paraliticci, and no action has been initiated against Cibelli despite ultimate insurer rules that hold a trainer responsible for horses in his or her care. Some in the Tampa Bay Downs racing community have become increasingly skeptical about whether any action will ever be taken against the trainer, suggesting Cibelli is getting a free pass from track management and the state's regulatory agency, the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering.

Peter Berube, general manager of the Stella Thayer-owned racetrack, admits to being frustrated over the way the matter has been dragged out but lashes out at any suggestion that the case is being swept under the rug.

It all began on the morning of Jan. 27, when one of the veterinarians hired by Tampa Bay Downs to conduct pre-race soundness inspections walked into Cibelli's barn to look at one of two horses the British-born trainer had entered to race that afternoon. When the vet came to the stall of Raven Train, who was scheduled to compete in the day's second race, a $16,000 claiming event, Paraliticci allegedly was inside the stall, with an assistant and a groom. According to sources, the veterinarian was injecting a knee in the 5-year-old son of Silver Train owned by Hannah Smith's Southwind Stables. A clearly marked sign outside the stall said the horse was entered to race that day.

The veterinarian reported the incident to the stewards, who ordered that the horse be scratched. Track management launched an internal investigation, and on Feb. 3 – one week after the incident – exercised its private property rights and excluded Paraliticci from all racetrack premises, effectively banning him from practicing veterinary medicine at his home track.

A stewards hearing for Paraliticci was set for Feb. 15 but subsequently was postponed and has not been rescheduled. Berube said the hearing was delayed by state regulators that he said have taken over the investigation. Some have suggested an attorney hired by Paraliticci caused the postponement, and others are convinced nothing will happen until after the current meeting ends on May 5.

Paraliticci has not commented on the matter and has failed to return numerous messages left on his cell phone.

Cibelli made one public comment, telling the Tampa Bay Times: “Neither myself nor my assistants were in the barn when this supposedly took place. The story going around is that I'm standing right there when (Paraliticci) is doing whatever he was supposed to be doing. The first thing I knew about (the alleged incident) was when I got a phone call from the stewards.”

Efforts by the Paulick Report to reach Cibelli have failed. But fellow trainers, veterinarians and one former client have painted a picture of Cibelli suggesting that very little takes place in her stable that she doesn't know about.

“Everyone is aware of the micromanaging that goes on in that barn,” said one Tampa Bay Downs horseman who asked not to be named. “That could come back to bite her.”

Another trainer who had been using Paraliticci as his vet scoffed at the notion Dr. O would take it upon himself to inject a horse without a trainer's approval – especially on race day. “He would never go into a barn without permission, especially that barn,” the trainer said.

An owner who previously had a horse with Cibelli but moved it to another barn because of what he called excessive veterinary work said Cibelli “has been through a bunch of vets.” He called one of the veterinarians Cibelli had used to inquire about a horse that allegedly was injected nine times the day before a race and was told: “I just do what she tells me to do.” All of the bills this owner said he received from Paraliticci were initialed “OK” by Cibelli.

Cibelli, the leading trainer at Monmouth Park in 2011 and 2012, got off to a very good start at the beginning of the 2012-13 Tampa Bay Downs meeting, winning 13 of her first 33 starts, a 39% strike rate. Since the Jan. 27 incident, however, her win percentage has fallen to 14% as only six of 44 Cibelli runners have found their way to the winner's circle.

One of those early-season victories was registered by Purple Egg, a 3-year-old son of Lion Heart who won the opening day Inaugural Stakes on Dec. 1. The gelding, who had been considered a local favorite for the Tampa Bay Derby off a perfect 3-for-3 record, is owned by Goodwood Racing, which is managed by Tampa Bay Downs vice president of marketing and publicity Margo Flynn. Flynn and Cibelli also own a house together in nearby Odessa, Fla.

The relationship between Cibelli and Flynn is often cited by Tampa Bay Downs horsemen as the real reason no action has been taken against the trainer. “Anybody but her, they'd be gone,” said one Tampa Bay Downs horse owner.

“That's absurd,” said Berube in response to a question about whether or not Cibelli was getting preferential treatment. “It's an absurd question. In no way would that situation arise at this racetrack.”

Why, then, Berube was asked, did Tampa Bay Downs act so swiftly to ban Paraliticci but do nothing to the trainer responsible for the care of Raven Train?

“There is a house rule and there is a state rule (regarding trainer responsibility),” said Berube. “Our house rules can't trump a state rule. If the Division (of Pari-Mutuel Wagering) were to take no action under the state rules, we do have a house rule that would cover it.”

Berube said his hands were tied once the state's Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering took over the investigation.

“They wanted to conduct their own investigation,” he said. Berube said state investigators have been doing recent interviews.

“Our investigations into Paraliticci and Cibelli are both active and ongoing,” said Sandi Poreda, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Business Regulations. “Any necessary hearings will be held once the investigations have been concluded.”

Poreda would not provide further comment on the investigations, other than to say they fell under the responsibility of Leon Biegalski, the director of the DPMW. “He oversees the day-to-day operations of the Division, including investigations.”

“Doesn't this seem like a fairly simple investigation?” Berube was asked by the Paulick Report. “There is a witness, a veterinarian hired by the racetrack to conduct pre-race inspections, who reported something to the stewards that was considered to be illegal. There was a practicing veterinarian allegedly caught in the act of giving a prohibited race-day injection. There was a vet assistant and a groom. And then there is a trainer, who under state rules and Tampa Bay Downs house rules is responsible for the horse. It doesn't seem that complicated.”

“I agree wholeheartedly,” Berube said. “Unfortunately that's the way the Division operates. I don't want to speak bad about the Division, but they have their own set of rules they have to live by.”

The rules regulating Florida racing are murky, which is why the racetracks are responsible for overseeing many things that normally would fall under the auspices of a racing commission in most other states. House rules have been established by Florida's racetracks to provide oversight in areas not covered by state regulations.

“This was an opportunity for Tampa Bay Downs management to show that it cared about integrity and the welfare of these horses,” a veterinarian told the Paulick Report. “They blew it.”

  • This why the FED is going to step in and Clean All this DRUG BS UP…They will use the DEA…WATCH!!!…

    • Jo Lynn Page

      Yea they do such a good job with the drugs on the streets…

      • Don’t hand me that line of BS as we aren’t talking about the streets here…Any body with a lick of brains knew that war was lost before it rolled off Tricky Dicks Lie n Lips…WA…

  • jtff

    justice works in strange ways in the horse racing world. nice report. the undefeated purple egg finished last in the tampa bay derby. he has not had a work out since the race (3 weeks ago).

    • Fed up with butchers

      That was great justice to see purple egg run up the track, not for the horse but Jane. Again it was great to se her disqualified in the stake at Gulfstream yesterday on Easter Sunday with swear me in… She n Margo walking around Gulfstream like they belonged…go home cheaters/butchers……your kind can’t dance with the big boys.

      • MD

        Love it!!

  • Preston N.

    I think Berube is being as straight forward as he can be. I have worked with the State Division before, the wheels turn very slowly. I remember Berube was trying to not let vets in the stall for horses racing that day, and the State trumped him and stopped him from doing it.

    • chargingruby

      Despite the state taking over the investigation, TBD has the option, which it has not exercised, to remove Cibelli from the premises (just like they did to Dr. O) and to prohibit her horses from running at Tampa. They’ve chosen not to do that, which speaks volumes about their business ethics and concern for the well-being of horses, jockeys, bettors and legitimate horsemen.

  • A horse injected 9 times, the day before a race? Very lucky that a jockey wasn’t hurt.

    • jumpjockey1

      Cathy its an absolute joke if they let this slide. Do u ever think a vet would go into Mr Sheppards barn without his permission? Never is the answer and if people are expected to believe cibelli was in the dak and thats her final say then this whole thing is a joke.. at least try give a plausible story.. 3yr olds are more creative than this..

    • The jockeys need to boycott her horses then we will see the same thing like what happened it Micheal Gills case. We need to make a stand. This isnt a fact of simply cheating. Its putting a human life and uneccesary risk.

  • salthebarber

    I believe Andy Beyer pointed out last year that part of the reason Tampa’s handle declined over the last couple of years was because of the dominance of certain trainers at that track. Every so often this bunch shows up at Gulfstream and spoil the racing there. As a handicapper, I hate when these supertrainers are in a race. They have to be played just because of their unusually high win percentages. I don’t like to think this way, but the statistics don’t lie. And I can’t help but to believe there is something suspicious going on.

  • 14151617

    Bettors have to boycott the tracks where this stuff goes on or it will never stop.

    • I agree wholeheartily

    • totally Agree we need to boycott places that do not act swift enough to handle clear cases of Cheating

    • Stanley inman

      Lov boycott
      Be a hero
      Give some
      To your life

    • PG

      Please…let everyone know, at what tracks this stuff doesn’t go on.

  • Angelika Hala Kerr

    Entered on April 4 at Gulfstream Park: “Busted Again”, owner Goodwood Stables – team Cibelli/Flynn.

    Owners pay trainers. If my trainer told me he or she did not know about a vet activity in their barn – on raceday at that – my horse/s would be out of that barn within hours.

  • jack

    Good report. Keep digging and keep calling Cibelli until you get an answer. If you really want to get in touch with her, leave her a message/phone number with the racing office stating that you want to send her a few horses. She’ll call you as soon as she gets the message.

  • Noelle

    Of course the vet wouldn’t inject the horse without permission – he’d have needed permission to bill her for the shot. It’s disgraceful that this stuff goes on and on and on. Somehow these corrupt people, no matter how frequent and egregious their offenses, are permitted to stay in racing, to continue damaging horses – it’s disgusting.

    Agree with 14141617 – bettors should boycott Tampa Bay Downs until the Cibelli gang is brought to justice.

  • MD

    The girls at Tampa are protecting each other. The racing secretary and the owner of TB racetrack are hoping this goes away. Cibelli and them are “best buddies”.

    • Lynn

      So you are telling us that the NAG’s (National Association of Gals) are in control at Tampa Bay Downs?

      • Md


  • ExactaGirl

    Thanks for the update, Ray! It’s important to keep this in the news. Her win stats before the vet was banned and after tell the story.

  • SteveG

    Nothing quite spells “guilty” more accurately or eloquently than a plummeting win percentage when an outfit feels heat & abandons the methods which aided their previous successes.

    • Tinky


  • JFG007

    Cibelli definitely gets preferential treatment. Always has and as long as Berube & Margo are employed by TBD/Thayer, she always will. I wonder if Thayer actually knows what is going on at her precious track. Cibelli should have been immediatley excluded as well. She thinks she runs the joint as is above the law. l have personally heard her threaten both a gallopboy and a jockeys agent that she would have them thrown off the track after they had words with her. I don’t remember his name but contact Leonardo Goncalves former tampa agent and I would wager he would be willing to enlighten you.

  • StraightEdge7

    Wonder if Rick Dutrow, Michael Gill and other’s who thrive on beating the system will apply for stalls at the Oldsmar, FL track! Seems like a breeding ground for cheaters!

    • Ah Rick Dutrow doesnt cheat He had cameras in his barn and security for over a year watching his barn and he still wont training titles

      • Inconceivable

        Doesn’t cheat? You’re joking. That’s an April Fool’s joke, right?

  • The Whiz

    once again “jungle Jane” and her merry “wood nymphs” rule the roost at TBD. Don’t be fooled Stella. Petey and miss Margo are tighter than two coats of paint and if you are the live in “boyfriend” of the VP of? then you are teflon. TBD bettors are so used to getting the short end that this just feels like “:the rich get richer” to us all. Get a grip TBD people racing at Tampa Bay Downs have had “enough sunshine” blown up their skirts. Clean up your act or go the way of other “do-do tracks”.

  • horseplayer

    “The veterinarian reported the incident to the stewards, who ordered that the horse be scratched.”

    This doesn’t even make sense. Why would the vet tell on himself after doing something wrong.

    Do they mean a different vet noticed this and told the stewards??

    If “Dr. O” told on himself, why would he be in ANY trouble whatsoever. Illogical.

    too much ‘backside’ rumors and the story isn’t even straight. I’m concerned about the subject matter, but I like to understand the incident (and free of he-said she-said) first.

    • eyesnears

      The state vet reported the incident.

    • du

    • Matt

      All is crystal clear if……you bother to read the article!

    • jack

      reread the 4th paragraph

    • seriously

      geez go back and s-l-o-w-l-y read the article horseplayer!

  • jack

    a “letter to the DRF editor”, written by Jane Cibelli, dated 9/18/2009

    Let me see if I understand correctly Kent Stirling, director of the Florida Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, in regard to the positive tests for trainers Greg Griffith, Rodolfo Garcia and Alan Benson, as told in the Sept. 11 Calder Notes item “Three trainers appeal suspension.”

    Had these trainers realized the penalty for administering a banned substance was going to be so harsh they would not have done it. (By the way, the state can prove the medication was given on race day, it seems, which is absolutely forbidden in any racing jurisdiction.) Stirling is complaining that what once was a $300 fine now includes a 60-day suspension. Well, I say, finally the state is doing something.

    Mr. Stirling is supposed to represent the horsemen as a whole, and I can assure you the vast majority of us want racing cleaned up. Our great sport is under a dark cloud with some cheats taking shortcuts and trying to get away with running horses on illegal medications, and there is the director of a horsemen’s association whining that the testing is more sensitive than it used to be, rather than berating these trainers for taking a shot.

    Yes, gentlemen, you took a shot and you got caught. Your only defense is it did take too long for the state to inform you, but if you blatantly break the rules, then you have to be prepared to pay the consequences. Let’s face it, this is not even a case of getting a little too close with a daily medication by accident.

    Jane Cibelli – Long Branch, N.J.

    • what????

      • jack

        Cibelli wrote a “letter to the editor” (DRF published letters from DRF readers every Sunday). Here is a link….it’s pretty self explanatory….she basically said cheaters should have the book thrown at them.

        • blackcatlover

          Watch out, Jane,. Here comes the book!

        • Don Reed

          Jack, thanks for revising & providing the link.

    • well, I’d say LOL if it didn’t make me so sick. What a joke.

  • Dantana

    Isn’t anyone totally sick of this stuff? When is management going to take some serious steps and end it. Baseball, football, & every other sport has survived and gotten stronger when immediate & fair action was taken.

  • Goldencrest

    This is nothing new she is bad for the game just a butcher no pun intended

  • Richard C

    One can conclude that it’s not only in politics where a case of free passes come in handy when you know the right people to make problems magically go away.

  • Goldencrest

    I have witnessed her assult her help at Monmouth park of numerous occasions bringing grooms to tears and using racially charged epitome . Horrible mean women who is just a witch plain and simple

    • Don Reed

      Would make a great NYC mayor!

  • Slot

    How about the recent suspension of Jamie Ness?

    Sure, he’s a cheater, but it can’t be any worse than walking into a barn and seeing a vet injecting a horse’s leg on race day, right?

    I don’t see how the Cibelli issue can just be swept away. Although I’m sure she leaves for Monmouth soon anyway.

    • S

      Get your facts straight before you open your big mouth. Ness is not and has never been suspended in Tampa.

      • Goldencrest

        He just had a baking soda positive , aka sodium bicarbonate , aka tubing a horse through their nose into their stomachs with a concoction of things no horse should be given, block shock and go Jamie sickening another real low life

        • S

          Your just jealous

          • Goldencrest

            Not at all I feel sorry for the horses . Unlike most degenerate gamblers

          • Goldencrest

            Gonna get somebody hurt guys no bargain to ride for he does keep the equine ambulance busy gotta give him that.

  • FastBernieB

    I’ll admit that I don’t have a degree in rocket science, but a trainer’s vet caught in the act of illegally injecting a horse by a state vet in front of witnesses seems like a dream scenario for presenting an air tight case against one of racing’s cheaters. A trained investigator should be able to wrap up the necessary interviews in a day and bring forward a recommendation. That is if anyone really wants to move forward expeditiously. But then again if there are all these behind the scenes dynamics I guess that could explain things.
    How connected are Cibelli and Margo? Do they just own real estate together or are they a couple? I can see how this could effect the TBD approach to the case as Margo appears to carry a lot of weight (no pun intended) in the operation. As for Cibelli, I remember her going ballistic after a race back in Jan. of last year. Nasty temper and no self-control – bad combination.

    • Foxy’s Tooth

      Jane and Margo are a couple…. well know, out, and quite public, Margo and Peter Berube have a very, very, close relationship.

  • MightveBen

    Steward’s hearing can be postponed for a number of reasons, just like non-kangaroo court cases. The delay doesn’t mean the stewards will do nothing. It may just mean that they and Cibelli’s attorney are negotiating to determine if there is a way they can do nothing and have neither side answer for it.

    Keep the spotlight on this, Ray.

  • sandman

    nothing will happen as she and that woman Margo are sleeping together

    that is why nothing will happen .This Cibelli woman has been doing corrupt things

    to horses for quite a while

  • sandman

    maybe this report should be sent to Monmouth park she next step in screwing the public
    maybe Margo Flynn the VP may go to Monmouth and explain how she got away with it at Tampa i am sure that her relationship with Bobby Kulina will allow her to continue to get away wih Cibelli
    fixing races

    • Lynn

      Bobby Kulina (Robert J. Kulina Jr.) General Manager of Monmouth Park is a NO Nonsense guy. It is not likely anyone is going to be getting away with much under his watch. Bob Kulina is one of the very few that worked their way from the bottom up . He is the son of an excellent horse trainer, worked in his father stable from from time he could walk. Worked for Richard Dutrow senior (NOT Jr. Dutrow, the one currently ruled off) at Laurel as a groom to help pay his way through The University of Maryland. Bob Kulina from hot walker, groom, racing secretary, to general manager has all ways put the horse first.

      • Bonnie

        Under Bob Kulina’s “leadership”, trainers Juan Serey and Jane Cibelli have each won the Monmouth Park training titles TWICE. Please let me know when Bob’s NO Nonsense policies take effect. The only thing Bob puts first is Bob.

        • What about Bruce Levine?

          • Don Reed

            What about him?

        • James Casey D.V.M.

          Bob Kulina, General Manager of Monmouth Park is a no nonsense guy when it comes to proper care and safety of horses as Lynn states. I know this from first hand experience, having trained horses at Monmouth Park. Whenever there is an issue of safety or what is in the best interest of the horse, Robert J Kulina, in my view, is all ways in front.

          When horses are stabled at Monmouth Park, you will find Bob Kulina on the backstretch every day. Many other General Managers of Race Tracks are rarely seen on the backside.
          Last summer while visiting at Monmouth, I ask Bob Kulina and Mike Dempesy (Racing Secretary) if I could have a couple minutes of their time to discuss a horse health issue and veterinary medicine. They (Bob & Mike), gave me a couple of hours of their time. That alone speaks volumes!!!!!!!!!!

          • Bonnie

            Dr.Casey- Do you think Jane started her penchant for injecting horses at TBD (allegedly) just this year ? Or would her high win percentages the past several years at several tracks-including Monmouth lead a rational person to believe that it was happening at Monmouth too- not just TBD?? The fact that Bob walks the backstretch in the morning-he is overseeing the front-side in the afternoons- means little. He gave you a “couple of hours” discussing health issues means nothing. The reality is the madness that has been allegedly occurring on the backside at TBD is more than likely happening at Bob Kulina’s Monmouth. Jane’s two training titles seem proof.
            Another fact – Jane had the 2nd most starts at Monmouth last year-138. One can not help but believe he needs her horses going to the starting gate to help run his meet.

          • PG

            Do you have actual proof that Cibelli was doing something illegal at Monmouth? I don’t think two training titles would prove anything. Pretty strong accusation.

  • Capote

    I’m an owner for over forty years and the only way to get control of this situation is to start
    penalizing the horse / owner from not being able to race and keep increasing the penalty. The trainer sanctions is a joke as they really pay no penalty because they just have a friend, assistant trainer, or brother run the barn. I would not consider a trainer with multiple violations and would move my horses if they did received a them. Will the track and racing commissions ever smarten up – probably not!

    • Stanley inman

      Be interesting if we had trainer rankings
      By rule violation
      Handy performance appraisal tool
      Would save a lot of horses careers
      Change focus to the horse.

      • Don Reed

        Stanley, isn’t it interesting that there’s no direct, visible proof that the trainer’s season earnings DO NOT include the fines?

        Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a separate column on the Equibase Trainer Leader Board listing the amount that each one has been fined, year-to-date?

        • Stanley inman

          You’re goin. To make ray a rich man;
          Trainer penalty leader board
          Best place to be for advertiser.
          You got anything we can sell?

  • Fred Saunders, St. Pete

    Thanks for the report, Ray. I have bet my last dollar at TBD. If this sort of nonsense goes on how can anyone possib;y trust the racing there. Berube, Flynn, Cibelli all have to go.

  • lisa

    scooter wants a date with berube . ya got to do what yougot do do

  • lisa

    i will say this for jamie when he ran the wrong first time starter he commented on the paulick report as jamie ness and said it was my fault . he didnt blame the groom or the id man. when is jane gona comment

  • danzig

    This is great reporting and calling it as it is. Berube’s comments are so much doublespeak – that I thought it was George Orwell’s 1984 – except here Big Brother won’t do anything. Every track has the abiity to exclude a trainer…yes, it might get appealed but they can do the right thing. But not at Tampa Bay.

  • Don Reed

    Ah, here we are again, not to be denied! It’s the race to the Derby, and just like last year with O’Neill, the entire affair is in the sewer as we near May 4th.
    Not even the lime can cover up the smell.
    Next year, let’s run the Tampa Bay Derby with Orson Welles (The Third Man) calling the race.

    • chris l

      Better Orson than Richard Grundmyteeth!

      • Don Reed

        Is RGMT the Tampa Bay caller? Whoever he is, I find him hard to listen to; another reason why I usually pass on watching TB races.

  • She will be welcomed into Monmouth with open opens whether found guilty or innocent!! That’s the way the racing game goes!! Appeals, denials and no one is ever guilty!!

  • quitcovering4them

    dragging it out til the end of the meet, like the rumored bad test in the Gold Cup at Turf Paradise which Mr. Diodoro won, sent the split off estimated date of return of split is May 6th, day after the meet ends. Can’t have one of the BIG guys do time before the meet is over but some little guy would be out the stable gate!

  • Great article Ray.. pretty black and white case that keeps getting brushed under the rug. Disgusting.

  • jim cronk

    ray if you ever run in to jane be ready for a good cussing and if you have never been cussed by jane then you dont know what a cussing is

    • Bonnie

      LOL So True! She gets away with it because people let her get away with it.
      Her time has arrived. Thanks again, Ray.

  • ryan driscoll

    This is very sad for our sport.

  • thevoiceoftruth69

    “My dog ate my homework.”

    Jane Cibelli in 6th grade

    • Don Reed

      Went to the vet with the dog and then entered the mutt in a race.

  • johnnyknj

    Put up a days counter Ray…60 days with no action, 61 days, etc.

  • Guest

    hey ray what happened to harry doodle somebody better check havnt heard from him in a whil

  • william reckner

    hey how about cibelli’s horse in the 5th race at gulfstream on thursday you gotta love that name ‘busted again”

    • Don Reed

      These implant jokes have got to stop.

  • giofal

    Why was it not mentioned that the Vet took FULL responsibility testifying to both the stewards and the state that HE made the mistake of not doing the procedure three days prior and did it on that day by mistake and that Jane nor her assistant was NOT present. Why would the Vet jeopardize his license to cover for Jane if she had ordered it? He is the big loser in this situation and if she were at fault it is obvious to all except people like the writer and those commenting that he would not have testified as such knowing he would lose his license/.

    • RayPaulick

      Not sure what you mean by “testifying,” since the track and state have both said no stewards hearings have taken place yet or even been scheduled.

    • lisa

      did he not see the in to day sign?

  • Don Reed

    Busted Again Bomb Fave GP 04/04/13.

  • Neal Baker

    I’m a regular Monmouth park customer. Rest assured if Cibelli is allowed to race horses during the meet, I will make my feelings known loud and clear.

  • Fed up with butchers

    G.I.JANE. Needs to step up and take care of this horrific situation. Jane don’t be another lance Armstrong. Oprah has no openings on her show for you. Take responsibility!

  • chiltipinjim

    Never thought I would say this, Gay Politics in Raceing makes me sick, just cause they are GAY there should be No Special treatment.

  • trainersjuice

    Cibelli adds an additional 1 for 9 at Tampa over the past 4 racing days,thats 4 for her last 47 starters at Tampa,but her winner,on Saturday,Rare Earth,who she just claimed off of Tom Proctor,and in the happy winners circle among others,was GM Peter Berube’s private Secretary.TBD Management continues to just rub our nose in this scandel.When Berube talks about handing out his own punishment,does he mean banning Cibelli from racing at his track for 7 months,while it is closed?Please dont let this story die off,Mister Paulik

  • trainersjuice

    TBD Management has Jamie Ness trained horses under basic house arrest,as he is forced to pay for his own security 24/7,while Cibelli is allowed to do whatever she pleases with no restrictions whatsoever,this,while an investigation is ongoing on her stable,and her Vet gets caught and busted in her stall treating her horse.Does this make any sense at all to any logical person?

  • anonymous

    Need a “Cibelli Counter”. 80 days and counting, 81, 82 etc. Just have it scrolling on the front page of your website. That way everybody knows you are not forgetting this story.


    I believe a horse ran at Monmouth trained by Ms Cibelli. The suspension is only
    applicable to Tampa?

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