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about 3 days ago
Women in Racing: ‘I Caused a Sensation, I Know It’

In the process of researching last week’s piece on important, early female owners from the pages of history, I came across a couple of owners who did not campaign influential horses but made international headlines nonetheless. Ada Evans Dean, an … Continue reading

Report on Drug Testing Should Be Sobering Wake Up Call

“Unacceptable.” That’s how James Gagliano, president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club, described the status quo for drug testing in American horse racing. Gagliano and others from The Jockey Club, along with a handful of reporters, had just … Continue reading

Women in Racing: Wagner Forged Her Own Path in Handicapping World

When Judy Wagner first started making waves in the male-dominated arena of handicapping contests, she heard a few whispers. “Here comes the real handicapper now,” someone would say as her husband walked into the room behind her. “I guess she … Continue reading

Frustration Builds Over Drug Testing Delays at LGC Lab

The two investigators for the Indiana Horse Racing Commission weren’t making a courtesy call last Thursday when they drove from Indianapolis to the LGC Science equine drug testing laboratory in Lexington, Ky. They came to confiscate dozens of post-race samples … Continue reading

Women in Racing: ‘Lovable Eccentrics’ and Other Early Pioneers

It’s not so uncommon these days to find women at the helm of a great horse’s breeding or racing career; in fact, there are now syndicates made up entirely of women. In the first part of the 20th century, of … Continue reading

Remembering the ‘Unconquerable, Invincible, Unbeatable’ Cigar

Thanks for the memories. I may have seen better horses than Cigar in my racing lifetime, but no horse took me to places like he did or allowed me to experience the range of emotions this game can bring us. … Continue reading

Women in Racing: The View From Here

Mid-week ahead of the Belmont Stakes, I looked up from vexing video production software and looked around the press room. Sea of dress shirts, clacking keyboards, two people debating about a baseball team. It took a few minutes, but I … Continue reading

What Next for O’Neill? Possibly a Lengthy Suspension in California

The New York State Gaming Commission suspension of Doug O’Neill set in motion steps that could have far-reaching implications beyond the stipulated settlement that was intended to sideline the Southern California-based trainer from Nov. 3-Dec. 18, 2014. We already know … Continue reading

Menifee: South Korea’s Sunday Silence?

Though many American racing fans may remember him mostly as the big bay who finished second to Charismatic in the 1999 Kentucky Derby and Preakness, Menifee is making a serious impact in the racing industry—in South Korea. Menifee shipped overseas … Continue reading

Pope: Where’s the Game-Changing Innovation for Racing?

A few weeks ago, Apple presented its latest innovations, including a smart watch and a new way of paying for goods and services. In a short time, the company has literally changed the world with its innovations. The investment necessary … Continue reading