Rosa Hildebrandt crowned Miss Cougar Del Mar

by | 07.30.2011 | 1:00pm
Miss Cougar 2011 Rosa Hildebrandt
Miss Cougar 2011 Rosa Hildebrandt

Rosa Hildebrandt, a 51-year-old businesswoman from Chino, Calif., beat out five other finalists to win the third annual Miss Cougar Del Mar contest on Friday.

Despite criticism by some that the concept is tacky and sexist, the Miss Cougar contest drew an overwhelmingly positive response from race goers, according to a Sign On San Diego report.

“Perhaps this event wouldn't work in other venues, but we have pulled it off,” said Walker McBride, broadcasting and development manager for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. “We try to make it as comfortable and as breezy as possible. It's not your normal racetrack. We have rock concerts. Everyone working here wears Hawaiian shirts. I don't think people are as uptight here as they are at other venues.”

  • the-distaff-side

    I could see why she knocked out the competition…

  • Toast

    Maybe SHOW’N’TELL can hire her for a bodyguard! COME ON THAT’S A GUY!

  • Picksburg Phil

    Good thing it wasn’t a wet T-shirt contest. There isn’t enough water is So. Cal. to make them babies damp.

  • Don Reed

    As they once said about a similar work of art:

    “See why Jayne Mansfield will never drown.”

    And the diminutive Mickey Rooney, standing VERY close to another Valkyrie, on the stage during a Hollywood awards ceremony:

    “So – who wants to be tall?”

  • Swale

    Very professional Ray, as always…

  • SixteenK Claimer

    What a JOKE….

  • manowar1917

    Thanks Ray, this is very important. We know you care about the welfare of horses. Keep up the good work.

  • Scott

    Lighten up all you stuffy sour horse players. Mr McBride is right…people are not as uptight at Del Mar vs OTHER venues

  • SixteenK Claimer

    To Scott #8

    What’s next Scott? Lap Dances in the Turf Club?

  • Equine Avenger

    Must be a slow day.

  • Ina Propriate

    Who says the racing industry is going ‘tits up’!

  • BalancedBrian

    16 claimer-

    You need a little time with Miss Del Mar Cougar to relax you.

  • stillriledup

    Love me some miss cougar. How ironic is it that the track is faker than….

    well, never mind. ;-)

  • Rob from the AZ

    It’s good to see a business woman, that has couple things going for her!

  • Distaffer

    Bet she had to win a few races to afford those fakes.

  • stillriledup

    Distaffer you think they’re fake? Does huge automatically mean fake?

  • Sinking Ship

    HUBBA! HUBBA! What a Daily Double!

  • Maggie the wonder dog.

    She diffidently looks like she can go two turns.

  • stillriledup

    They need her on the late DD program for sure.

    If any TVG people are reading this (and i know you are) time to have Rosa on the late DD next week.

  • Don Reed


    The placing judges did diffidently rule that she definitely can go two turns.

    What shy little bastards they are.

    And as for you, Ray – why, you, you, you frivolous, no-class, insolent & irreverent disgrace to the horse-racing profession &, indeed, to the sacred standards of American journalism…

    Keep Up The Good Work!

    P.S. Next year, we toss out all the age-restrictions & bring back Ethel Merman.

  • Don Reed

    Still Riled Up: What makes you think she’d want to work with guys who wash their hair once a week?

  • Ta-Pete-a

    Anyone know when [Medical Marijuana Day] is at Del Mar?

    “You stay classy, San Diego”

  • Mike S

    I wish Del Mar would name another race for COUGAR II, the champion racehorse, because he deserves it, since they have given this race over to racy older broads.


  • Louisville shuffle

    For 51 she still has very thick voluminous hair. That and her teeth are her best attributes. Could stand to drop a couple lbs in face but overall a strong 51

  • Rachel

    Nice to see Del Mar come up with a contest to celebrate women’s right to as much of a disparate age difference in a relationship as a sugar daddy…stay classy Del Mar!

  • Perplexed

    #16 – “Distaffer you think they’re fake? Does huge automatically mean fake?”

    Size? Maybe not…but those arent subject to the laws of gravity…

  • Ron Taylor

    On those rare days when one bets 7 losers in a row she would be a vision of loveliness on an otherwise suicidal day…

  • Get The Facts Straight

    I can’t believe a CA. story without take-out mentioned so I will take care of that……”TAKE ‘EM OUT ROSA….TAKE EM OUT”

  • Ray Paulick


    I think the day you referred to was yesterday, for the post-race Legends of Reggae concern featuring Ziggy Marley.

  • stillriledup

    Perplexed, maybe its just a really good Bra that keeps them in place ;-)

  • Sinking Ship

    stillriledup – is she even wearing a bra? Silicone keeps its form without need of support!

  • stillriledup

    LOL @ SS.

    That’s kind of an amazing point.

  • stillriledup

  • Panamajak1

    I would eat her up. She has no idea what I would do. Older woman that are thick with nice skin and that are still sexually active are the bomb. Doesn’t hurt to be hot and horny.

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