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Hay Now: University of Kentucky Dispels Horse Forage Myths

Many horse owners consider their horses part of the family; as such, they want to make sure that their equine has the best feed available. However, when it comes to hay, its selection and determining its quality, horse owners have a lot to learn. An uneducated decision can lead to a wallop to the wallet: […]

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thoroughbred feet hooves hoof
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Hoof Asymmetry In Horses Not Indicator Of Lameness

A recent study looked at the weight distribution on horse’s feet to determine if the difference in wall angles between front legs offered different weight distributions per limb. While no discernible difference could be found regarding asymmetry, the method by which they tested the hooves could be used to detect early signs of lameness, reports […]

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Royal Delta's foal with foster mare Ginger
Coolmore’s Foster Mare Foals All Grown Up, Re-Homed

Coolmore keeps a band of specially selected foster mares in case a mare is unable to rear her own foal through illness, injury or death. Plenty of top-class horses have benefited from a Coolmore foster mare including dual Gr.1 winning miler The Gurkha who instantly bonded with his new mum “Tina” at two days old. […]

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It’s Not Just You: Antibiotic Resistance A Challenge For Equine Veterinarians

Long hailed as the greatest advance in medicine, antibiotics have become the go-to treatment for nearly every scratch, cough, or fever, whether or not they were caused by bacteria. Many doctors and veterinarians began indiscriminately prescribing antibiotics simply because their patients expected — even demanded — them. This overuse of antibiotics eventually created today’s crisis, […]

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HOUTZEN winner 2YO MM race post race heat sweat horse muscles workout exercise
Lessons From The Past: Studying 20th Century Research Garners New Findings

As technology has progressed, especially in the past 50-10 year, it has served to globalize information sharing. Until recently, when research was carried out and published, it was only disseminated in the language in which it was published. While Western European texts were more easily shared between language barriers (Spanish, German, French, etc.) due to […]

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NARA horse and rider jockey field work
Spring Is The Perfect Time To Assess Your Horse’s Health

Whether a horse has campaigned throughout the winter or enjoyed a well-deserved break from riding and competing, spring is a great time to take inventory of his health and wellness. As the old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By being proactive in staying on top of a horse’s […]

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Lynn Symansky, and Donner, on the Cross Country 4.25.15.
Cosequin Presents Aftercare Spotlight: Introducing US Equestrian

Earlier this year, the United States Equestrian Federation, best known as the national governing body for all non-racing equestrian sports, launched a rebranding campaign that included an update to their name and signature logo. Now known as US Equestrian, the rebranding is aimed at engaging horse enthusiasts of all types and at all levels, giving everyone […]

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Boehringer Ingelheim-Merial Merge, Form Global Leader In Equine Health Care

On January 1, 2017, Merial became part of Boehringer Ingelheim. The merger unites the strengths of two leading animal health companies into one business unit, creating the second largest global animal health business. In addition, the merger of two equine health portfolios results in the largest equine health company worldwide. As one entity, the new […]

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Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center And Horse Country Host “Meet The Neighbors”

Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC), a premier non-profit re-schooling facility for adoptable Thoroughbreds located at the Kentucky Horse Park, partnered with members of Horse Country for Meet the Neighbors, a special day of complimentary tours for local fans. Horse Country’s Meet the Neighbors took place on Saturday, March 18, when guests and fans toured farms and equine facilities in the […]

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street cry
Stallion Shuttling: Questions Answered

With the recent news of stallions California Chrome and American Pharoah shuttling to Chile and Australia respectively, there is once again renewed interest – and push back – from fans on social media concerned about the Champion horses’ well-being. As writer Carleigh Fedorka wrote in her popular “A Yankee in Paris” blog this week, the […]

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