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Riding under the pines of The Winter Farm OTTB Rescue and Retirement in Southern Pines, N.C.
Cosequin Presents Aftercare Spotlight: Retraining In The Tranquility Of Southern Pines

When one has enjoyed a successful career as an interior designer, what is the natural next step? For Holly Carter, a life-long rider with a penchant for Thoroughbreds both on the track and in the show ring, the answer was easy: create a Thoroughbred adoption facility to honor the memory of those whose backs she […]

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Horse Slaughter Auction
‘Anonymous Horses’: Kill Pen Rescues Come With Serious Health Risks

Earlier this month, veterinarians and state officials in three Florida counties (Columbia, Bradford, and Hillsborough) publicly announced they were dealing with a small outbreak of strangles, a contagious bacterial infection of the equine upper respiratory tract characterized by swollen lymph nodes. Strangles is a relatively common communicable disease, but in this case, alerts issued via […]

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‘Domesticated Horse’ Terminology Eradicated, Now Dubbed Livestock; Wild Horse Enthusiasts Concerned

The Senate Conservation Committee recently passed a bill that eliminates the classification of “domesticated horse,” a move that concerns wild horse enthusiasts. Horses are now lumped into the “livestock” category, but there are exemptions for Spanish Colonial horses and for a “wild horse,” which is defined as an “unclaimed horse without obvious brands or other evidence of […]

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Equine Disaster Preparedness Gets Boost From UC Davis

  It can be hard to know what to do with your animals when you’re faced with an emergency evacuation or accident. It’s imperative that first responders, animal owners and veterinarians all be prepared and trained to handle emergency situations. As an example, a state of emergency has been declared in 50 of California’s 58 […]

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Charismatic, as shown in his last JBBA conformation photo
Veterinarian: Only ‘Divine Intervention’ Could Have Saved Charismatic

The sudden death of dual classic winner Charismatic at Old Friends shocked fans on Sunday and left some with questions about the nature of the injury that killed him. A necropsy completed Monday indicated the stallion suffered a fatal, catastrophic fracture to his pelvis which caused a massive internal hemorrhage. Drs. Bryan Waldridge and Rhodes […]

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massage back
Equine Massage Therapists Threatened With Jail Time

Two equine massage therapists in Franklin, Tennessee have been served cease and desist orders by the Tennessee Veterinarian Board. The letters stated that practicing massage therapy on animals without a veterinary license is classified as a Class B misdemeanor threatened jail time if the two individuals did not comply. Laurie Wheeler and Martha Stowe, the massage specialists […]

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American Pharoah's first foal is a colt out of Kakadu, born at Brookdale Farm. The foal's first halter is being auctioned to support CASA of Lexington.
Chrome, Pharoah Halters Auctioned To Support Lexington’s Court Appointed Special Advocates

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lexington has received horse halters from: American Pharaoh, California Chrome, Nyquist and the first halter of the first foal of American Pharaoh. The collection includes three Kentucky Derby winners, the hater from California Chrome is the last halter worn by the recently retired champion and a one of a […]

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New Zealand Thoroughbreds At Risk Of Parasite Resistance, Study Shows

A new study about to be published out of New Zealand suggests that Thoroughbreds residing there may have definite parasite resistance, though more study is needed, reports Horse Talk. Researchers Ian Scott, Patrick Sells, Sarah Rosanowski, Chris Rogers and Charlotte Bolwell studied 117 Thoroughbred yearlings housed on six breeding farms in the Waikato region of […]

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Can A Virus Help Wounds Heal?

  Horse owners and caretakers have long been taught that keeping a horse’s wound clean and infection-free is the key to healing, but new research reported in The Horse turns that notion on its head. Researchers from New Zealand and Canada have recently determined that a key to enhancing healing may be found in a […]

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Bazinga Bently recovered from a major fracture in his right hind leg to be able to start his second career in show jumping.
Against All Odds: Saving Bazinga Bently Was ‘Just The Right Thing To Do’

A cannon bone fracture can often be a death sentence for a racehorse. The horse’s support structure is designed to distribute its body weight across four legs, but when one of those legs has a bone broken into multiple pieces, the other three legs must pick up the slack. In order to heal, the injured […]

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