Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase

about 3 days ago
Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: Going Home at Last

We’ve all heard stories about people finding long-lost relatives, or losing a beloved dog or cat, only to become reunited with them years later. These stories can run the gamut from gut-wrenching and tear-jerking to heart-warming and hard to believe. … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: Transitioning ‘With Ease’

Every horse should have the luxury of having earned a special place in at least one person’s heart. For a regally bred chestnut who never made it to his first start, he’s earned his way into the hearts of several … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: Cheering Them On Again

For a racehorse owner, hearing that your horse has bowed a tendon is a punch in the gut. Many times, that diagnosis means the end of a horse’s career, and in the best-case scenarios, it guarantees a long-term layoff and … Continue reading

Cosequin Presents OTTB Showcase: Partners From the Track to the Arena

Mr. Ichiban is the epitome of the blue collar racehorse. Born in British Columbia, Canada, the chestnut gelding spent his career on the northwest coast, traveling the claiming circuit between Hastings Park, Portland Meadows, Emerald Downs and Kamloops race tracks. … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: Thoroughbred Proves Best Match

Most moms love to gush about their daughters, and most equestrians love to gush about their horses. Michelle Yanstick is a proud mom who can’t say enough about her daughter’s OTTB, a horse who completely changed the Yanstick family’s views … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: A Rising Star in the Show Ring

You’ve got to love it when a passion for horses transcends disciplines, and turns a young hunter/jumper rider into an avid racing fan, pedigree buff and OTTB enthusiast. Twenty-three-year-old Carlos Pardo grew up riding hunters and jumpers in Hollywood, Florida, … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: ‘Adios’ Says Hello to Second Chance

This week’s “OTTB Showcase” needs to be temporarily renamed the “OTQH Showcase,” as this week’s retired racer was a racing Quarter Horse back in his heyday. Thanks to some luck, some compassion and a lot of love, he’s now thriving … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: A New Life for Dundee

Thoroughbreds have a reputation of being hot and high strung, at least on the track. They embrace the “go” and detest the “whoa.” Dundee, a big-boned son of Medaglia d’Oro, could not be less like that stereotype. Bred in New … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: Showing Class, Patience, and Understanding

Sometimes finding your true partner, in horses or in life, is simpler than it should be. Sometimes it’s love at first sight, and everything just clicks. That’s exactly what happened for Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski and her lucky and loving gelding, … Continue reading

Cosequin presents OTTB Showcase: Give Her an ‘E’

Joy Leonard was a horse-crazy girl growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She wasn’t raised in an equestrian family, but like many, what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm, begging her parents for riding lessons, summers at … Continue reading