Foals Of 2016

This Florida-bred son of First Dude just melts the heart.
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Precious Moments

While breeding in the racehorse industry can be a highly commercial enterprise, there are moments that remind us all why we enjoy this job. It can be a foal looking at you with absolute trust or jumping so high that you laugh out loud! This week’s foals hope to remind us of the love we […]

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Nyquist as a foal, before he became the undefeated winner of Kentucky Derby 142.
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Nyquist, Cathryn Sophia

In a special edition of Foals of 2016, we are pleased to offer you a look back at Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist and Kentucky Oaks winner Cathryn Sophia when they were foals. Each became the first classic winner for their respective sires, Uncle Mo and Street Boss. This week’s foals hope to live up to […]

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This white Thoroughbred colt by Get Stormy isn't yet three days old in this photo!
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Curious Nature

While scientists aren’t quite sure whether foals are born with their own personalities or whether they develop them after birth, one thing is certain: each foal’s personality is unique. Some are very curious, sticking their noses into our cameras as we watch them grow, while others hide shyly behind their mothers’ sides. This week’s foals […]

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This daughter of multiple Gr. 1 winner Balance (half to Zenyatta) is getting in a lot of practice at Mill Ridge Farm.
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Practice, Practice

The time that foals spend running about in their pastures is critical to their development, both mentally and physically. The galloping gait, once awkward and wobbly, becomes a part of the foal’s muscle memory so that he or she can execute it without even thinking, followed by experimenting in leaping and bucking to determine the […]

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This daughter of Goldencents has a very unique facial marking.
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Stars And Stripes

A 2013 study indicated that white markings on horses are primarily controlled by three genes, two primary ones and one minor, which has allowed scientists to narrow down what kind of markings a horse might have when he is born. These markings can range from stripes, white along the length of the face, to stars, […]

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This filly is the daughter of Nut N Better, a member of the Iowa Racing Hall of Fame
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Famous Moms

Half of any foal’s DNA comes from the dam, but her influence can be easy to overlook with big-name sires listed just above hers in the pedigree. Sadly, we also learned this week how delicate these foals can be with the passing of Zenyatta’s fourth foal. The birth of the foal had been celebrated here. […]

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This filly by Hat Trick embodies the notion of "kicking up your heels"
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Play Time

Like any youngster, foals love their play time. While it may wear their mothers’ patience thin, playful exuberance is important for building the strong musculoskeletal systems that will support the foals later in life on the racetrack. Play time also develops the foal’s social skills, both in relation to the mother and to other horses. […]

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A. K. A. Xe nuzzles her colt by Paynter
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Mother’s Love

One of the first things a mare does after her foal is born is to groom him from head to toe, serving two purposes. First, the mare’s licking tongue cleans the amniotic fluid from the foal, especially vital around the nostrils and eyes. Second, it begins the process of bonding between the mare and foal. […]

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Shortly after birth, this colt by Alpha stands with a bit of help.
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Stand Tall

One of the first signs of a healthy foal is the attempt to stand approximately 30 minutes after birth. A foal should be able to stand and nurse within two hours of being born, an evolutionary response that allowed both mare and foal to escape from predators in the wild. Watching the foal learn to […]

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This daughter of Drosselmeyer is enjoying her nap!
Merck Animal Health Presents Foals Of 2016: Takin’ It Easy

Monday was officially National Napping Day, allowing everyone to get caught up on the hour lost in Daylight Savings this weekend. Our foals this week have been caught napping as well, but not to worry, that’s very normal. Foals often lie down to sleep and spend nearly half their day resting until they are approximately […]

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