• Bocephus

    Florida is an underrated source of top racehorses, always has been.
    Not as much emphasis on commercial appeal. Just turn ’em out and let ’em be horses in the sun. If you turned loose all of the horses in Kentucky, they’d start running down there in November (natural migration).
    Of course, they’d run to Canada in June… : )

  • Draynay

    Zenyatta 5 G1s, Blame 4 G1s. Zenyatta gets HOY.

  • Snoop

    Draynay, 5 tiny G1 apples vs 4 massive juicy G1 apples. Even the G3 Donald Schaefer that Blame won contained a G1 winner. None of the G1’s Zenyatta won this year contained a G1 winner of any description.

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